Story Time Theme: Karma Wilson

9 Oct

286462_f260As I continue through my “author study” story times, this week we looked more closely at the work of Karma Wilson.  I found that most families were familiar with her popular Bear series, but may not be as familiar with her other work.  I chose three books that she wrote that were not in the Bear series, but had wonderful qualities nonetheless.  Hilda Must Be Dancing is a great story filled with rhymes.  Each time Hilda danced, I had the kids stomp their feet (which they loved!), Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo was a little long so I shortened it by skipping some of the “adjective lines” only reading the final line with all the words together.  This is a great story that can be used to learn new vocabulary words, and for Sleepyhead the kids job was to put their miniature teddy bears or Beanie Babies to sleep.  We have a number of rainbow-colored teddy bears that we use for story time programs and during Yoga Story Time, the kids all use a Beanie Baby at the end while they lay in star pose and practice their deep breathing.  Overall, the kids did a great job and I think they really enjoyed Hilda Must Be Dancing the most!  If you’re looking for a complete list of work by Karma Wilson, check out her website!

Opening (ASL Sign: Bear)

  • Traditional: Put Your Hands Up In the Air & Open Shut Them
  • Yoga: Warm-Up (Rock n Roll, Zip up Spine, Deep Breaths, Cat/Cow, pounce from child pose (lunge forward), Dog)

Book 1: Hilda Must Be Dancing


  • Traditional: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Yoga: Sun Salutations (Mountain, Reach Up, Touch the Ground, Hands at Knees (flat back), Plank Pose, Cobra, Downward Facing Dog, Walk Toward Hands, Repeat)

Book 2: Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo

Transition (changes weekly)

  • Traditional: Rock-A-Bye Your Bear (Wiggles CD) (with teddy bears)
  • Yoga: Water Animal Poses (Dolphin, Frog, Turtle, Fish, Flamingo) 

Book 3: Sleepyhead (use teddy bears/beanie babies with story)


  • Traditional: Shake Your Sillies Out Puppet Show
  • Yoga: Cool-down (Bridge, Happy Baby Pose, Star Pose/Deep Breaths) & Namaste

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