Story Time Theme – Jungle

16 Sep

Family Storytime Theme- (2).jpgWe haven’t planned many weekend programs for our library, I work so much during the week, I’m hesitant to work some more on the weekend!  But, I do work a couple of Saturdays throughout the year.  We’re beginning to think about offering more on the weekends so we did a test-drive of sorts on Saturday where I host a story time for 2 – 5 year olds.  I borrowed most of my story time plan from Anne’s Library Life blog, she has some great ideas and I like dhow she incorporated the Felt Board app into her story time, so we added our first app to story time this Saturday and no one really said anything about it, positive or negative, so I guess it worked well!  My story time plan for Saturday is below.


  • Put Your Hand Up in the Air song
  • American Sign Language sign: Monkey
  • Meet Wooly the Monkey (puppet)

Story – Who am I? – by Gervase Phinn

This is an adorable Are You My Mother? story about a chameleon looking for his mom and he changes his colors as he meets a number of animals throughout the jungle.

RhymeMonkey See, Monkey Do

“Monkey see, monkey do
Little monkey at the zoo
Monkey, monkey in the tree
Can you ________ like me?”

(Fill in the blank with different actions for each verse: jump around, swing your arms,
scratch an itch, eat a banana, screech)

StoryOh, No! by Candace Fleming

This was such a fun story with the kids.  I created a simple sign that said “Oh, no!” and told the kids to yell it out every time I held the sign up.  They all got really into it and had a great time with this story.

Song – The Bare Necessities (from Disney’s The Jungle Book) with shaker eggs

Activity – Felt Board App

This is a great app that is so easy to incorporate into story time.  Check Anne’s blog for great screen shots of how to use this app effectively.

“I went to the jungle on day,
jungle one day, jungle one day.
Who did I see along the way? (swipe to the slide of the frog)
Frog! (let kids shout this part out)

I went to the jungle one day,
jungle one day, jungle one day.
I met a frog along the way
and this is what he did say -! (let kids shout this part out)”

(continue with monkey, crocodile, and parrot)

StoryWhat To Do If an Elephant Stands on Your Foot by Michelle Robinson

If you haven’t read this story yet, definitely do!  It’s so fun to read and listen to and the kids thought it was very funny!

Activity – Jungle Box

I borrowed this idea form Anne as well.  I made small cards and laminated them all with jungle animals and their names.  Each child was given a card and I encouraged the adults to talk about the animals with the kids as I handed them out.  Then I used an adorable little rhyme to encourage the kids to drop their animals into a box I had in front of me.  It worked very well at the end of the story time because the kids were starting to get restless.

“If you have a tiger, a tiger, a tiger,
If you have a tiger, please put him in the jungle”

(continue until all the animals are in the box)


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