Flora and the Flamingo

10 Sep

flora-and-the-flamingoThis is an adorable wordless picture book about a little who wants nothing more than to be as graceful as the flamingo she sees.  She is decked out in a yellow swimming cap and flippers with a pink bathing suit.  She begins by copying exactly what the flamingo is doing while the flamingo tries to ignore her.  Soon though, the little girl becomes too much for the flamingo and they dance a beautiful synchronized routine together as friends.

This is such a fun picture book to share one on one, a bit more difficult to share with a large group, but kids will love posing just like Flora in this story.  Adults and children can share the story together making this a great book to encourage imaginative play and increased vocabulary.  Both are part of the five early literacy skills for children before kindergarten.  This is also the perfect story for any girl who loves dancing and the color PINK!

You have to see the adorable book trailer for this book on YouTube created by the publisher Chronicle Books.  Check out Molly Idle’s website for more information about her artwork and other books she written and illustrated.

Title: Flora and the Flamingo
Author/Illustrator: Molly Idle
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: 2013


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