Yes, Let’s

2 Aug

yesI wish I would have seen this book before I did a camping themed story time this summer!  Yes, Let’s with its rhyming couplets and repetitive “let’s” shows how much fun spending the day outdoors can be!  The illustrations are also a lot of fun with things to find and see on each and every spread… hint – find the squirrel who steals the boy’s sock and follow him through the pages.

This picture book also focuses on spending time with the entire family from parents to teens to young children and even the dog!  In a world of laptops, tablets, and cell phones, it’s important to spend time together as a family and spend time enjoying nature and all the fun things to do outside!

Take a minute to check out Galen Goodwin Longsteth’s website and from her website I found out she’s a local – living in Philadelphia!  Maris Wicks, has been very busy this year, also illustrating the graphic novel, Primates by Jim Ottaviani!

Title: Yes, Let’s
Author: Galen Goodwin Longstreth
Illustrator: Maris Wicks
Publisher: Tanglewood Publishing
Publication Date: 2013


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