Story Time Theme: Library Love

30 Jul

National Library Symbol (JPG) (large)In retrospect, this would have made a great story time at the very beginning of the story time session, with a book on library manners and all the fun things to do at the library!  But the kids still had a lot of fun with the theme (and hopefully they learned a little too!)

ASL Sign: Library (using “L” hand circle clockwise from your perspective)


  • Traditional: Put Your Hands Up In the Air & Open Shut Them
  • Parachute: Parachute Bop (Shakin’ the Chute)

Book 1: Manners in the Library by Carrie Finn

This book has a repetitive line about using good manners that the parents and even the kids picked up very quickly!


  • Traditional: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Parachute: Popcorn (Battu ~ Putumayo Kids Presents: African Playground)

Book 2: Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn

I love this series because they are the perfect length for toddlers and the main character Lola is African American which can be difficult to find for young children.

Transition (changes weekly)

  • Traditional: Drivin’ In My Car (Ralph’s World)
  • Parachute: Fast & Slow (Laurie Berkner Band)

 Book 3: Maisy Goes to the Library by Lucy Cousins

Maisy books are always popular with the toddlers and they had a lot of fun with this story too!  We talked about the differences and similarities in Maisy’s library and the library the kids are familiar with.


  • Traditional: Shake Your Sillies Out Puppet Show
  • Parachute: Freeze!! (Shakin’ the Chute)

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