Animal Grossapedia

19 Feb

Animal-GrossapediaIf there was ever a book that boys (and some girls!) might like to peruse – it’s this one!  Animal Grossapedia by Melissa Stewart is an encyclopedia of over 50 gross things that animals do.  You’ll find everything from dung beetles to koala bears and vampire bats. Each animal is given a page spread with pictures and information.  Now, the book itself is written at an elementary age reading level with large text and limited vocabulary – perfect to hook those reluctant readers and kids who like learning interesting, but gross facts!  Definitely something fun that could be used in a classroom as a quick discussion to gather the students’ focus.

Animal Grossapedia was a fun read filled with facts that were new to me!  Something to definitely look out for in the library or at the bookstore!  The author’s website is also a lot of fun to check out with plenty of ideas for parents, librarians, teachers, and lots of fun activities, crafts, and games for kids too!


Title: Animal Grossapedia
Author: Melissa Stewart
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 2012
Page Number: 107 pgs.


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