Story Time Theme – Hugs & Kisses

13 Feb

imagesCAJXD5JLBeing that Valentine’s Day is this week, I chose a “Hugs & Kisses” theme with some of my favorite stories about love.  I’ve already posted about a couple of these books this week, so to spare you, my story time plan is below.  I also gave the kids valentines this week that were Dr. Seuss themed that I found at Wegman’s.  The kids thought it was so special to receive a valentine and the stories were incredibly cute this week!


  • Traditional: Put Your Hands Up In the Air & Open Shut Them
  • Parachute: 1,2,3 Good Morning
  • Yoga: Warm-up (Rock n Roll, Zip up Spine, Deep Breaths, Cat/Cow, Dog)

Book 1: Won’t You Be My Hugaroo? by Joanne Ryder OR Dear Bunny by Michaela Morgan


  • Traditional: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Parachute: The Parachute Rap (Shakin’ the Chute – J CD 0502)
  • Yoga: Sun Salutations (Mountain, Reach Up, Touch the Ground, Hands at Knees (flat back), Plank Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Walk Toward Hands, Repeat)

Book 2: I Will Kiss You (Lost & Lots & Lots) by, Stoo Hample

Transition (changes weekly)

  • Traditional: Skinamarink
  • Parachute: Ring Around the Rosie
  • Yoga: Warrior Poses (Star Pose, Warrior II (both sides), Star Pose, Crane Pose, STOMP into Warrior I (both sides), Star Pose)

Book 3: My Heart is Like a Zoo by, Michael Hall


  • Traditional: Shake Your Sillies Out Puppet Show
  • Parachute: Rocketship Run (run underneath) – Laurie Berkner Band (Rocketship Run J CD0417)
  • Yoga: Cool-down (Bridge, Happy Baby Pose, Star Pose/Deep Breaths)  Naima – Putumayo Presents Dreamland)

Early Literacy Extras:

  • Make Valentines with your child out of scrap paper, stickers, and other supplies you may have around the house.  Show your child how to spell each person’s name on the valentine, naming each letter and saying the name as you read it. Learning to read and write the words “Mom” and “Dad” will make your child feel very proud.
  • Show your child that the letter “V” as in Valentine is like a triangle. Find other things around the house that have a triangle shape.  Practice drawing a triangle and other letters with this shape such as A, M, N, and W.

 Say it in Sign Language:

I Love You = hold hand up palm facing out – middle two fingers touching your palm like a hug resting on your palm (combination of letters I, L, and Y)

 Song to Share at Home:

 You Are My Sunshine
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away!


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