Tracing Stars

9 Jan


 Tracing Stars is a coming of age story for a young girl in a small coastal town where being different makes you stand out.  Indie Lee Chickory is a fish freak – she’s knows everything there is to know about the fish that can be found in the ocean that borders town.  She can make the best fish faces, knows a number of fish facts, and until recently had been best friends with her sister Bebe.  Now, Bebe is trying to be a star in the town’s summer musical and staying as far away from her annoying sister, Indie.

Indie soon realizes that she must become a better version of herself in order to not embarrass her sister.  As the story unfolds, the reader (and Indie) realize that changing who you are to fit in, doesn’t always work out for the best.  Will Indie be able to undo the damage she has caused before the big night?  The story is filled with fun characters who live in the town, a curious boy named Owen, a goth girl named Sloth, and a lost lobster named Monty Cola.  If there are people in your life who enjoy realistic middle grade fiction – this is definitely a great choice!

I really enjoyed this novel, as I do most coming of age stories.  I’m glad that Moulton was able to keep Indie’s voice so clear throughout the story.  Even as Indie tried to fit in, she never lost her conviction that she was doing it for her sister, not necessarily for herself.  Indie knows that she can work in the theatre, find her lobster, and be friends with Owen, hopefully without her sister hating her guts.  Check out Erin E. Moulton’s website for more information about the author and her other work.

Title: Tracing Stars
Author: Erin E. Moulton
Publisher: Philomel
Publication Date: 2012
Page Number: 240 pgs.


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