Those Darn Squirrels

19 Nov
If you need to think happy thoughts to get you through the holidays or just need something to chuckle about, definitely take a look at Adam Rubin’s .  This book is absolutely hysterical from the text to the pictures Rubin and illustrator, Daniel Salmieri, got it right.  Those Darn Squirrels is about Old Man Fookwire and his love for the birds in his backyard.  He decides to provide the birds with plenty of goodies so they don’t want to fly south for the winter, but when the squirrels realize the delicious treats made available by Old Man Fookwire, they want to get in on the action too.  What ensues is sure to make you laugh out loud!  And if you like this story, check out Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door and the newest – Those Darn Squirrels Fly South.
For more information about Adam Rubin, check out his albeit, brief website.
Title: Those Darn Squirrels
Author: David Rubin
Illustrator: Daniel Salmieri
Publisher: Sandpiper
Publication Date: 2011

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