The Boy On Cinnamon Street

15 Oct

I am in love with Phoebe Stone’s cover art for many of her books.  I recently read The Romeo and Juliet Code and I just picked up The Boy on Cinnamon Street this weekend.  Her cover art is always something that makes me want to pick up her books and read them!

The Boy on Cinnamon Street is about a 7th grader named Louise Terrace who lives with her grandparents, has given up her gymnastics, and her poetry, and has completely blocked out her most painful memories of her family.  And it’s not until a boy with a crush, helps her to overcome her fears that she able to start to move forward.

This is by no means a new story, but the relationships between Louise and her grandparents, her best friend, and the people around is something special and it really is those relationships that make the story work so well.  Stone also does an amazing job of taking a relatively heavy topic and adding just enough of those light touches that allows the reader to not get too sad.  My favorite character had to be the boy who had a crush on Louise – he was everything that makes a lovable character – a little dorky, incredibly sweet, and just perfect for Louise.

This is a great story for middle grade girls who love realistic fiction mixed with just enough romance and still with topics that can be discussed with parents and friends.  A great read!  And if you like this one, check out Phoebe Stone’s other middle grade novels as well!

Check out Phoebe Stone’s website for more information about the author!

Title: The Boy on Cinnamon Street
Author: Phoebe Stone
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Publication Date: 2012
Page Number: 240 pgs.



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