One for the Murphys

13 Sep

When Carly Connors in placed in the foster care system at the age of twelve after an incident at home with her mother and step-father she is blindsided.  The Murphy family with whom she is placed is drastically different from how she grew up and although it takes a little while, she finally begins to know how it feels to belong and what it feels like to be loved.

Things take a turn when suddenly Carly must choose between her birth mother and a woman who has become more of a mom to her than anyone else.  One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is an emotional story about a foster child’s feelings of abandonment and later of hope and renewal.  This is also an inspirational story about how strangers can help someone in need.

I really enjoyed this story partly because of the subject matter – there are very few books for young people about foster care and partly because the author was able to make this story so realistic, I felt it could happen in real life.  And although parts of the story are heartbreaking, there is a layer of hope that is entwined throughout the story.

Check out the author’s website here!
Title: One for the Murphys
Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books
Publication Date: 2012
Page Number: 256 pgs.


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