Creepy Crawly Bug Story Time

13 Aug

We had a small but enthusiastic crowd at toddler story time this morning.  Our theme – creepy-crawly bugs!  A couple of the girls started out with an, “ewwwww…. I don’t like bugs!”  But, I think the books that I picked worked out really well and everyone had a great time!

Today we read:

The Very Ugly Bug by Liz Pinchon ~ The ugly bug wants to be able to hide or fly away from birds that plan on eating her like her friends, but she learns that by being ugly she can scare away the birds!  This is a great story about trying to fit in and learning that you just need to be your best and not try to compete or look like anyone else.

Bye-Bye Big, Bad Bullybug by, Ed Emberley ~ The big, bad bullybug is trying to pick on the little, itty-bitty bugs, but something comes to scare away the big, bad, bullybug.  This is a great story about bullies or even an interactive story as the author creates the bullybug, similarly to his story Go Away Big, Green Monster!

Snappy Little Bugs – This is a pop-up book that is a part of story time collection (books that are used in story time, but cannot be checked out)  I try to include a couple of pop-up books throughout story time, but they can be difficult because the children always want to come up and touch the books.  These have really no plot, but are great for talking about different types of bugs.

We also sang itsy-bitsy spider and we learned the sign language word for bug.  This was my last story time for the summer session and we’ll start back up at the beginning of October.  I’ll be busy planning some more great story time themes in the mean time.  I’ll have a traditional story time, a parachute story time, and I’ll also be trying a new story time in the fall – yoga story time!  I’d better start stretching now!


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