The Crowfield Curse

9 Jul

If the deepest secret has been spoken… can the deadliest curse be broken?  So begins, The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh a medieval story about an orphan 14-year-old, William,  and the abbey he serves.  After finding a magical hobgoblin in the woods, in dire need of help, William learns that he has the ability of the Sight – to see Old Magic.

But when two strangers come to the Crowfield Abbey looking for answers to a long-lost secret, William becomes involved in the deadly world of the Dark King.  This story is sure to keep kids on the edge of their seats until the last page.  I really enjoyed the details that the author provided throughout the story and I could vividly picture the setting and characters very well.

I really liked the timetable at the end of the story detailing the daily life of the monks at Crowfield Abbey.  The book also includes a glossary of terms, for those who are unfamiliar with medieval , Catholic life.  Both are helpful tools, that I didn’t realize until I finished the story.  For more information about the author, Pat Walsh, visit her website.

The second book was just published in February of 2012 and is entitled The Crowfield Demon – check it out!

Title: The Crowfield Curse
Author: Pat Walsh
Publisher: Chicken House
Page Number: 319 pg.s


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