Bubble Themed Story Time

3 Apr

Today we had a bubble themed story time for our toddlers and we had so much fun!  We read Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart, Who’s in the Tub? by Sylvie Jones, and Bubble Trouble by Joy N. Hulme.  Rabbit Ears is about a little bunny who doesn’t want to wash his ears until he realizes that in order to grow up and stay at his cousin’s house, he needs to learn how to wash his ears.  Who’s in the Tub? is about a little boy who is hesitant to get in the tub for his bath, but once he’s finally in, he’s having too much fun to get out!  And Bubble Trouble is a quick Easy Reader that talks about blowing bubbles and how they POP! 

We also sang 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (a crowd favorite among the toddlers) and we shook our Shaker Eggs to the music of the Rubber Duckie song from Sesame Street.   I also taught two American Sign Langauge , signs to the kids today the sign for “bubbles” and the sign for “bath.”

After we read all of our stories, I blew bubbles for the kids for a few minutes.  It was absolutely adorable to see them having so much fun with the bubbles!  I forget how much fun something so simple could be!



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