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AtoZ Blogging Challenge – Storytime

21 Apr

bookcase-books-bookshelves-159711Program Name: Storytime

What: You didn’t think I’d get through the whole alphabet without talking about storytime, did you? Storytime is the bread and butter of the children’s department of a public library and everyone’s is a little different.

Where: We have a space in the library specifically for storytime it’s a room that has stadium style seating which works really well for storytime allowing kids to be able to see over people’s heads, unfortunately with the room laid out this way, it’s difficult to do a lot of other programs because there is very little actual floor space to offer programming and no space to set up tables.

When: We offer storytimes that run for a six-week session, four times a year. We’ve always taken breaks throughout the year and it allows our storytellers time to breathe, relax and get geared up for the next session. Our patrons beg us to offer programs during the breaks between storytimes and that is the chance we get to try new ideas or stand-alone storytimes.

Who: We offer storytimes for kids from birth – 5 years old through with six storytime classes to choose from, plus a Saturday storytime option once a month as well. Our six options include Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Family and Pajama.

How: We’re lucky enough to have a number of staff members who lead storytime allowing us the opportunity to offer so many options, but this is so easily adaptable to the amount of staff and space you have in your own  library. If you’re looking for pre-made storytime plans, you’ll find many online, and in fact, you can check out my storytime plans as well!


  • Yoga
  • Parachute
  • Family
  • Pajama
  • Rhymes and Songs
  • STEM (Preschool Explorers)


During the month of April, I’ll be participating in the 2018 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For this year’s theme, I’ll be offering you a library program plan with everything you to need to re-create it at your own library. Most of these programs we’ve offered in the past, others are programs I’d like to try in the future. I’m always looking for new inspiration and I thought you might be too!


AtoZ Blogging Challenge – Financial Literacy

6 Apr

Money Smart Month - April 2018Program Name: Common Cents

What: Offer a program about financial literacy for any age group from preschoolers to senior citizens and you’ll be surprised by the turnout. We’ve offered preschool storytime, elementary school age and middle school programs, programs for millennials and senior citizens. This program theme can run the gamut for all ages and all experience levels. Some of our most popular programs are 4-week series of classes about preparing for retirement. We partner with local investment advisors to provide these informational classes to the community.

Where: These programs can take place in small or large meeting rooms depending on your space and audience size. These classes are fairly versatile and can be adapted to almost any library.

When: April is Money Smart Month and there are a ton of resources to take advantage of if you sign up for Money Smart Week. We offer adult financial literacy classes as series 2-3 times a year and they are always very popular. We tend to offer the financial literacy for kids programs during April and the parents are always really thankful for the program. We make a point of keeping them fun for the kids, while they’re also learning at the same time.

Who: Financial literacy programs can be for all ages from preschoolers to senior citizens. Each group of people would have a different program focus, but all will benefit from understanding finances better.

How: This program (for adults and senior citizens) really should be offered by a person in the field. The presenter would not be giving individual advice to people looking at purchasing stocks or bonds or thinking about retirement, but they would be offering informational sessions on things like setting up a budget, reducing debt, home buying, Social Security and so much more. They can also provide programming for millennials about credit score, renting vs. buying, setting up a retirement account. Your children’s librarian may feel comfortable enough to provide programming for kids – basic sorting for really little ones, learning the difference between change, basic information about saving and spending – all of these basic topics are easy enough to teach at a kid’s level by your programming or children’s librarian.


  • Financial Literacy storytime with sorting money activity
  • Saving vs. Spending for elementary school age students
  • Learning about the different between good debt and bad debt, how putting money aside can prepare you for retirement for middle school and high school students
  • Budgeting 101 for teens and young adults
  • Retirement Roadmap for older adults
  • … and so many more options!


During the month of April, I’ll be participating in the 2018 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For this year’s theme, I’ll be offering you a library program plan with everything you to need to re-create it at your own library. Most of these programs we’ve offered in the past, others are programs I’d like to try in the future. I’m always looking for new inspiration and I thought you might be too!

Parachute Storytime: Hats Off!

7 Mar


I got a chance to do two parachute storytimes yesterday and it’s fun to see the kids who really love the parachute get a chance to release some energy with lots of movement. A few kids come in with much more trepidation, but most will stay and just observe. This was a stand alone storytime program, although we have offered this in a six-week session and kids will often become more comfortable after seeing the parachute week after week. My first group of kids had a lot of energy, so the books were harder to get through, but they loved the activities. My second group of kids is an integrated storytime with families as well as a small group of children from our early intervention services program from the county – this group was a little bit older and they all did an amazing job listening to not only the stories but also the directions. At the beginning of parachute storytime I teach the kids that when I say “FREEZE!” our parachute is placed on the floor (which works well for a little classroom management). Overall, the kids had a ton of fun playing with parachute, releasing some winter energy and the adults were having a great time watching their kids, taking pictures and enjoying themselves as well!


  • A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller, illustrated by Rob Hodgson
  • You Must Bring a Hat! by Simon Philip, illustrated by Kate Hindley

Rhymes & Songs:

  • Introduction: Hello Parachute (Jbrary)Hello parachute, hello parachute (gently shake parachute)
    Oh so grand, oh so grand
    I can lift you, I can lift you (lift parachute)
    With my hands, with my hands
  • Song: “The Tempo Marches On” by Jim Gill (Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi On His Toe Leg Knee)
  • Rhyme: Grand Old Duke of York
    Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men,
    He marched them up to the top of the hill (raise the chute)
    And he marched them down again (lower)
    And when they’re up, they’re up (raise)
    And when they’re down, they’re down (lower),
    And when they’re only half-way up, (raise half-way)
    They’re neither up nor down (raise, lower). 
  • Song: “Battu” by Angelique Kidjo (Putumayo Kids: African Playground)“Popcorn” with balls tossed on the parachute
  • Rhyme: Bananas Unite
    Bananas unite!
    Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas
    Chop bananas, chop chop bananas
    Mash bananas, mash mash bananas
    Eat bananas, eat, eat bananas
    Go Bananas!
  • Song: “Aves” by Guillermo Anderson (Putumayo Kids: Animal Playground)
  • Closing: Goodbye Parachute
    Goodbye parachute, goodbye parachute (gently shake parachute)
    Time to go, time to go
    I can help you, I can help you
    Parachute low, parachute low (bring the parachute to ground)

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts in 2017

30 Dec

top ten.png

I had a great year on my blog this year with a lot more views than I was expecting and many on some older content that keeps popping up! Im hoping during the course of January, I can revisit some of these topics and create an updated booklist or make some new recommendations. If you missed any of these great posts, take a second to check them out and thanks for visiting Literacious this year!

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1. Storytime Theme: Jungle

Picture Book Month: Lions

24 Nov

24It’s important to follow the rules, especially in the library. One day, when a lion comes to visit the library, the librarian, circulation assistant and patrons are all a little nervous, but soon the lion becomes a valuable member of the library team, helping dust the encyclopedias, lick envelopes and be used as a step ladder to reach the high shelves (his favorite part of being in the library was storytime). But, when the lion has to break the rules to help the librarian, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be allowed back in. What’s a library lion to do?
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