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Picture Book Month: Lions

24 Nov

24It’s important to follow the rules, especially in the library. One day, when a lion comes to visit the library, the librarian, circulation assistant and patrons are all a little nervous, but soon the lion becomes a valuable member of the library team, helping dust the encyclopedias, lick envelopes and be used as a step ladder to reach the high shelves (his favorite part of being in the library was storytime). But, when the lion has to break the rules to help the librarian, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be allowed back in. What’s a library lion to do?
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Sharing Picture Books with Preschool Teachers

27 Oct

This week, I got the chance to speak in front of preschool teachers during an in-service day about children’s literature trends and share some great new titles that have been published in the past couple of years. The preschool reached out to the library looking for some sort of presentation during their in-service day. And I decided, rather than talking about brain development and the importance of early literacy (which is always important) I wanted to offer these teachers valuable information that they could take back to the their classrooms and implement almost immediately. Continue reading

Early Literacy At Its Finest

6 Jul

There’s a great article on the School Library Journal’s website about the positive effects of storytime on young children. Storytime began in the late 1800s and has changed drastically over the years from a time when children were expected to sit quietly and listen to an adult read books to today’s version of storytime that includes a wide variety of actions, senses, books, songs, dances and more.

I don’t think any librarian out there would argue that storytime is unhelpful to children, but there have been few studies to show the actual effects storytime has on PreK children. I think children’s librarians are also hesitant to say they are experts in the field as many don’t have a child development background and feel uncomfortable telling parents what they should be doing at home. New studies show that being intentional at storytime about early literacy skills makes a difference. Honestly, many of the early literacy skills I’ve shared with parents and caregivers in the past are things they already do, I just give it a name and explain why it’s so important.

I found this article to a fascinating read and really enjoyed learning more about research being done in the public library field. I’d love to see more research focused not only on early literacy, but on public libraries in general. We do far more good than people realize and we need to make ourselves known.

Jbrary – A Resource You Don’t Want To Miss

9 Dec

download.pngIf you’re a storytime librarian, a preK teacher, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, sibling, etc., you have to take some time to explore Jbrary’s website.  Jbrary is the brain child of two children’s librarians in Vancouver, British Columbia and it’s an absolutely amazing resource filled with books, songs, fingerplays, rhymes and more.  And the best part is that they film the songs for their YouTube channel, making it so easy to learn (especially for tone-deaf librarians like myself!)

My own storytime has benefited greatly from the resources I’ve found on Jbrary. If you only try one new song in the next year – my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fruit Salad (and Bananas Unite and See the Little Bunnies Sleeping and… you get the idea), basically everything I’ve tried my kids go crazy for!

And you need to stop by and see the 2016 Favorite Storytime Picture Books – all books published over the course of the past year that are tried and true books perfect for sharing one-on-one or with a larger group! What’s great is that there are books on this list for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary school, so no one will feel left out! So take some time to check out this amazing resource that just might make life a little easier when planning storytime or sharing time with your favorite little ones!

Picture Book Month Recap

1 Dec

PBMBADGE-AMBASSADOR.jpgI spent the month of November posting book suggestions for each day of the month with themes from the Picture Book Month website.  There are ten suggestions for each theme – some new, some older classics, some perfect for larger storytime groups and others perfect to snuggle one-on-one!  Take a look and enjoy! And if you have a little extra time, I strongly suggest heading over to the Picture Book Month website and checking out the essays that children’s book authors and illustrators wrote about the importance of picture books!

November 1 – Bears
November 2 – School
November 3 – Monkeys
November 4 – Dogs
November 5 – Fractured Fairytales/Tall Tales
November 6 – Food
November 7 – Presidents/Elections
November 8 – Pirates
November 9 – Reading/Books
November 10 – Dinosaurs
November 11 – Peace
November 12 – Cats
November 13 – Mice
November 14 – Music
November 15 – Travel
November 16 – Jungle
November 17 – Insects
November 18 – Birds
November 19 – Babies/Kids
November 20 – Weather
November 21 – History
November 22 – Pumpkins/Fall
November 23 – Chocolate/Dessert
November 24 – Holidays
November 25 – Farm
November 26 – Sports
November 27 – Family
November 28 – Under the Sea
November 29 – Chickens
November 30 – Bunnies

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