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Director’s Thoughts #9 – Telling Stories

17 Jun


I’m trying something new with my staff as of the end of this week. I’ve been asking the question lately, “How do we make people care?” People being our staff, stakeholders, supervisors, etc. I want our staff to know that we’re making a difference every single day, I want our stakeholders to know about all the great things we’re doing and I want the township supervisors to see how we impact our community.

Statistics work great – how many people walk through our doors, how many items are checked out, how many people attend our programs, but these statistics don’t tell our story. So, this week I taped a piece of posterboard to the wall in our staff hallway (we don’t have our own break room). All I wrote on it was “Our Impact” and now I’m asking staff to share patron stories – nice words at the circ desk, a kind comment after a program or a word of thanks for help using the computers.

I’m hoping to show our staff just how much our community values the work we do. I’m hoping for great stories to share on our social media. And I want these strong stories to share with our Board in the hopes that they are not only impressed by our numbers, but also see just how much we do to impact our community in a truly positive way.

How do you collect and share your stories?


2016 Year In Review

1 Jan

2016 was a big year for my career as I accepted the position of director at the library I’ve been working at for the past eight years since graduating with my master’s degree in library science. This came around the same time my partner chose a different career path and became a freelance photographer. I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility at work, while my partner is working from home now, but we’re adapting to these changes and both lucky enough to be doing what we love. I’m not going to delve into the socio-cultural and political changes in 2016, but I do want to share a little bit about how my blog did over the course of the past year.

According to WordPress, my blog was viewed 31,577 times in 2016, which is 9,238 more times than last year. I have no idea if this is a lot of views for a blog (probably not), but I am continually surprised by the fact that people actually care to take the time to read what I’m writing. I can also imagine that some blogs are probably more popular for their content. My content is fairly specific to librarians, teachers and parents, not as interesting for others, I would imagine.

My most frequently visited posts include:

  1. Story Time Theme: Imagination Station (a perennial favorite)
  2. Story Time Theme: Jungle
  3. Storytime Plans
  4. Flannel Friday: The Acorn Song
  5. Elementary School Age

I have 214 followers of my blog, again people who seem to value my posts! And the stats I love to see are where my views are coming from – the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., India, Brazil, Philippines, singapore and many more. That’s the part of blogging and social media I love, being connected to people around the world!

Let me know what your favorite posts were this year and what you’d like to see in 2017!

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