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Author Spotlight: Ame Dyckman

31 Aug

ame dyckman.png

Today’s featured author is Ame Dyckman, an author of some of the cutest and funniest books on the market today and one of nicest authors I’ve met online and in person!

I first fell in love with Ame’s work with her book – Boy + Bot and reviewed it here on my blog and she immediately reached out to me on Twitter and offered to mail some bookmarks and bracelets for the kids at the library! Like I said, sooooo nice! Ame has a way of creating a story that makes you look at something in a different way. In Boy + Bot she takes you inside the mind of a robot who wants to help his new friend when he mistakes the boy sleeping for not feeling well.

She uses a compelling argument about why you really don’t want a unicorn, how sharks are just misunderstood creatures and the importance of family in Wolfie the Bunny. She’s also teamed up with a number of illustrators who always make her work shine like Dan Yaccarino, Zacariah OHora and Scott Magoon to name a few!

Plus, as I was writing this I realized that she’s come out with two board books and at least another being published next year that I’ll have to get my hands on. And if you live near the Princeton, NJ area (or are willing to travel), Ame will be attending the Princeton Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, September 22nd. I’m definitely going because I’ve got some nieces and nephews who’s bookshelves need some Ame on them!

So take a few minutes to find some of Ame’s titles at a local indie bookstore or library, you won’t be disappointed, I promise!


Author Spotlight: Josh Funk

17 Aug

author josh funk.png

A new feature on my blog, the author spotlight will highlight an author whose body of work I particularly like! Today’s featured author is Josh Funk, a writer of both Java and manuscripts, if you’ve never gotten a chance to check out his body of work, don’t wait – pick up any of his awesome titles today!

My kids at camp a few summers ago absolutely LOVED Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast and were absolutely thrilled to hear that there would be a sequel and promptly asked if I could come to camp next summer and read the sequel! Josh has a beautiful imagination that combines anthropomorphic food, fractured fairy tales, dragons, pirate-dinosaurs and coding at the beach.

Josh is a rhyming wizard and as I stated in my review in Lost In the Library actually rhymed  labyrinth with plinth – in a children’s book, no less. It’s absolute genius and makes his books a joy to read. He has been paired with some amazing illustrators as well to create books that are brightly colored, engaging characters, and intricate backgrounds that are engaging for kids and adults alike.

Josh is also just a really great guy – a huge supporter of librarians and teachers and has some fun resources on his website including coloring pages, activity kits, music and book trailers as well! Plus, he’s got a great resource guide for picture book writers as well so definitely take time to check that out as well.

So take a few minutes to find some of Josh’s titles at a local indie bookstore or library, you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Daddies Do!

5 Jul

Daddies Do.jpgSynopsis: “Who wrestles with you for fun—but then surrenders and says you’ve won? Who takes you on outings and just doesn’t care what outfit you’re wearing or if you’ve got messy hair? Guess who? DADDIES DO! Meet a delightful group of animal daddies, including a bird who teaches his baby to fly and a polar bear who gives his cub the best hugs. This perfect Father’s Day story ends with every dad tucking his child in with a sweet good night.” (Taken from Goodreads)

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