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Director’s Thoughts #8

1 Jun


Last week we introduced our Coffee Cart to the public – our library doesn’t have the space for an actual coffee shop, so this is what we came up with! This was an idea that’s been circling around my brain for quite a while and after discussing it with my Board and staff, I realized that it was actually a very doable project. Continue reading

Blogging Challenges

20 May

I’ve been struggling lately with my blog – it started out as a suggestion from my boyfriend a few years ago and at the time I thought, “Who would ever want to read anything I wrote?” and since, I’ve come to enjoy sharing my programs, discussing issues and connecting with people around the world.

But now, I’ve taken a new job and feel like my blog has somewhat lost its purpose, so that’s where I’m at. My job now is much more focused on everything from large-scale projects to the mundane paperwork of running an organization… but that’s not as interesting to write about. I’m having more and more difficulty coming up with content for daily posts six days a week that won’t completely put everyone to sleep.

I’m hoping to start working on a calendar of ideas so that I’m not thinking about content everyday and having to write it up, rather I’ll have put some thought into it in advance (which is what I should have been doing all along). With this new position, I’ve had little time to really focus on what I want this blog to become and so that’ s what I’ve been thinking about lately. Library/Librarian blogs have somewhat of a small audience – mainly other libraries/librarians, some teachers and parents who stumble onto programming ideas and others who get here by accident. It’s not like a lifestyle blog or a Disney blog that has the potential for a much larger following. Or does it?

So if you’re a regular reader, comment on what parts of the blog you like and would want me to keep and I’m going to spend much of my summer trying to figure out where I want this project to go. Thanks for the input!

Strategic Plan Involvement

12 May

You may or may not know that our library is currently in the midst of developing a strategic plan. As a new director, this was my first goal for our library, creating a roadmap for the future, that can be adjusted as times changes, but provides us with a guide for developing new programs, making changes and providing new resources.

From the beginning, I have kept my staff involved to whatever extent they so choose. They are not required to take part, but my goal was that by the end of this process, the staff couldn’t complain, “Well no one asked for my opinion.” There have been emails sent out with regular updates, small group meetings for input during our SWOT and PEST analysis and posters in our staff hallway looking for suggestions.

My goal is that the staff feels as though they’ve contributed not only to this strategic plan, but have a stake in creating the best library for our community. I want my staff to feel as though we have a direct and positive influence in creating a stronger, more vibrant community. Plus, with staff involvement in the early stages of the strategic plan, they’ll feel more invested when we start discussing goals and objectives for the upcoming years.

And if you’re thinking, well don’t just involve staff… don’t worry our advisory Board has been involved since the beginning and we offered a community survey at the beginning of the year as well. Our development plan is right on schedule and I’m so excited about how far we’ve come already and the next steps we’re going to be taking!

Community Survey Results

16 Mar

We created a community survey using Survey Monkey and also had it available on paper for people who stopped in the library and were willing to fill it out. After about six weeks, we gathered 333 responses, about 1/3 of which were gathered online, while the majority were gathered on paper. We also made the survey available at the Community Center and Senior Center in the hopes of getting more people to fill it out.

The results are in and it’s so interesting what people know and don’t know about our library. Many people are unfamiliar with our online resources, many people don’t know our hours or that our book drop is available 24/7 (even when the library is open) and there are always requests for more – more materials, more programs, more space.

Overall, I’d say that most of the people who filled out our survey are happy with the services we provide, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that we have things to work on as well.  The first being customer service, one interaction is all people need to form an opinion about an organization and sometimes that opinion isn’t always positive.  I’m hoping that through our customer service training that we just covered last month, this will begin to improve. I also hope that by working at the desks along side my staff, I can see for myself what’s happening as well as set an example of what we should be doing.

The question becomes, why don’t people know about (insert resources, programs, materials here)? What can we do to better promote ourselves in the community. We are continuing to work towards a number of goals this year and I’m beginning to line up some ideas for next year as well – projects that take time and funding. I’d like to begin promoting ourselves better, something I’ve known for a long time and something that we are continuing to work towards as we create our strategic plan and new website design.

Finally, I keep reminding myself that we can’t change everything we do and we can’t make everyone happy, but we can continue to listen to our community and provide resources and programs that our community wants and needs.

Snow Day!

9 Feb


We have a snow day today! And it’s the perfect timing – I’ve had a rough couple of days and without going into a lot of details, work has been absolutely crazy and stressful, so I’m planning to spend my snow day with a pile of books, a cozy sweatshirt and a warm cup of tea! I’ve got another Black History Month booklist to pull together for tomorrow and some other blog posts I want to work on and since I won’t be at work today, I’ll definitely have some time to spend working on my blog today. See you tomorrow!

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