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5 Places to Find Bookish Gifts (that aren’t books)

9 Dec

If you’re looking for a gift idea this holiday season for your favorite bookworm, look no further than these five retailers offering some awesome bookish gifts, that aren’t another gift card to the bookstore!


BookRiot Store – A part of the awesome website filled with bookish delight – podcasts, booklists and newsletters about your favorite genre, the BookRiot Store includes clothes, accessories and home decor items! The baby onesies are absolutely adorable!



Redbubble – Just search literary for a host of fun clothes, bags ,wall art and more! I ordered the children’s book posters for my office through Redbubble!


Storiarts – I adore the Anne of Green Gables scarf from this retailer – it’s printed with text from the book on a beautiful, lightweight, green scarf!


Litographs – This company  has similar products to Storiarts, but has a lot more options with t-shirts, posters, bags and more printed with text from books! I got my brother the Sherlock Holmes poster for his birthday a few years ago!


Out of Print Clothing – So many bookish and library related gifts – my mom gave me the library card mug for my birthday last year and a few friends found the library card socks for me at Comic-Con.



Director’s Thoughts #12 – Office Space (or Mantras to Work By)

12 Aug


My office has some fairly hideous carpet – dark green border with a pale lilac faded interior color, which makes decorating my office extremely difficult, but what I did find were some of these absolutely adorable children’s book posters that I use as my director mantras (it also helps that I chose them in shades of purple to offset the carpet. Coming from a children’s librarian perspective, these are not only the perfect fit, I adore them! Take a look at Bookroo for a variety of amazing posters and if I were independently wealthy, I’d probably by them all… I’m especially eyeing The Polar Express as it carries a lot of memories for me around the holidays. But, let me explain to you the reason I specifically chose these three posters.

Lily and the Perfect Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes is about a small mouse named Lily who has a really difficult day at school which causes a lot of frustration and anger on Lily’s part. But, she learns from her ever-inspiring teacher that tomorrow is a new day and learns how to comprehend strong emotions, taking turns and be considerate of others. My director’s mantra from this book: Try again tomorrow.

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney is the story of a young woman who grows up to travel the world, live by the sea and as her grandfather says, “…do something to make the world more beautiful.” And so, everywhere Miss Rumphius travels, she plants lupine flowers all around her town, which makes her little corner of the world beautiful. This is a quiet story with beautiful illustrations and a lovely message. My director’s mantra from this book: Make the world more beautiful.

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch is the story of a young princess named Elizabeth who is having a really rough day – a dragon destroyed her castle, lit everything she owns on fire and took off with her prince, so with nothing to wear Princess Elizabeth dons a paper and sets off to find her prince. When she finally reaches him, the prince is less than impressed with Elilzabeth’s messed up, tangled hair, her paper bag and her appearance in general and demands that she goes back to the castle and come back to save him when she looks more presentable. Elizabeth decides the prince isn’t worth in the end. My director’s mantra from this book: Sometimes you have to say, “Screw it” I’m going to make the decision that is best for us (even when you don’t think it is).

I love all three of these stories and find their messages help me get through my tough days, my great days and all the days in between. How do you decorate your office (or what are your mantras)?

Adorable Children’s Lit Posters

20 Nov

MOO_BAA_LAI know how I want to wallpaper my house now… with these adorable children’s literature posters from Bookroo!

Technically, Bookroo is a subscription service for children’s books, but I am draw to these simplified book posters and every time they release a new set, I fall in love all over again!  The book subscription service work sin 1, 3, or 6 month time slots and contain either two board books or three picture books and it looks like the company will discount your next box as well as alternate between board books and picture books if you have multiple ages in the household.  I’m seriously considering this for my brand-new baby nephew who lives far enough away that I don’t get to visit too much!  I would love to send him books all the time!

They also have a fun quiz that you can take to test how well you know your children’s books by matching the poster to the title of the book!  And it’s not just a few, as of right now they have over 75 posters!  So, if there was a way, I’d paper by house in these cute posters, but until then I’ll just hope that we’ll be able to purchase them soon!

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