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Picture Book Month Review

1 Dec

I participated in Picture Book Month, posting a picture book title each day of November that coincided with the theme for the day. If you missed a day or two, take a look!

November 1 – Introduction
November 2 – Mothers
November 3 – Friends
November 4 – Monkeys
November 5 – Storms & Typhoons
November 6 – Humor
November 7 – Farmers
November 8 – Libraries
November 9 – Animals
November 10 – Dinosaurs
November 11 – Dogs
November 12 – Books
November 13 – Kindness
November 14 – Fathers
November 15 – Birds
November 16 – Shapes
November 17 – Family
November 18 – Cats
November 19 – Artists & Painters
November 20 – Courage
November 21 – Imagination
November 22 – Creativity
November 23 – Grandparents
November 24 – Lions
November 25 – Cities
November 26 – Turtles
November 27 – Reading & Writing
November 28 – Freedom
November 29 – School
November 30 – Christmas

PBMBADGE-AMBASSADOR-FBYou’ll be seeing a lot of picture books on my blog throughout the month of November as we celebrate Picture Book Month.  You’ll definitely want to check out the website as picture book authors and illustrators will be posting an essay each day about the importance of picture books!  Check back daily for some great picture books surrounding a specific theme.


Picture Book Month: Christmas

30 Nov

30I know that this is a classic (and much of my list for Picture Book Month were more recent titles), but my memories for this story are so clear in my mind… it’s hard to choose any other book. Rather than telling you about the plot, I’m just going to share my experiences with this book. My mom read this book to us every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. One year, Santa left an extra special gift of a new copy of the book and a sleigh bell. I still hear my mother’s voice every time I read this book aloud or to myself. Her rhythm and cadence are the only way I know how to read it. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to hear Chris Van Allsburg speak at a local bookstore. That was the year I bought each of my siblings, my parents and myself a copy of the book signed to each of them. Now I have a nephew and niece and hope that they too get to experience the magic of Christmas and The Polar Express for themselves. Continue reading

Picture Book Month: School

29 Nov

29The first day of school can be nerve-wracking… even for the school itself! This is the adorable story of a school who’s not quite sure that he wants to be a school. Lots of kids seems like a lot of work, but after learning the kids names, learning about shapes in kindergarten, eating lunch, having an accidental fire alarm and playing on the playground, school knows that being a school is the best type of building to be. This is a great story about first day jitters and lets kids look at things from another perspective!
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Picture Book Month: Freedom

28 Nov


Kadir Nelson is an amazingly talented painter whose illustrations jump off the page and come to life with rich oil paint and pencil details. This is the remarkable story of Henry and how he actually shipped himself to freedom in a wooden crate. Of course, being a slave, Henry’s spent his life working very hard only to have his heart broken when he was sent away from his family and again when his wife and children were sold and separated from him. Henry traveled for 27 hours in a wooden crate from Richmond, Virginia to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and became one of the most famous runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad – Henry “Box” Bown. Continue reading

Picture Book Month: Reading and Writing

27 Nov

27What better book to explore when taking about reading and writing than a picture book biography about the man who created the thesaurus that we know and love today. Roget liked words and he liked writing lists, so he combined these two loves and published his first book of word lists which included over 15,000 words. This is a fun introduction into the story of a book that has remained in print since 1852. With Bryant and Sweet, you know a picture book biography won’t just contain some dates and events, but will contain picture to pour over that incorporate both the words of the story with additional research to make this a fun book for kids (and adults) of all ages!
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