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Reserve Your Spot: KidLitCon

13 Sep

KidlitconLogo2017.pngIf you live in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland area (or farther) and you blog about children’s literature, then you’ve got to check out KidLitCon 2017 held in Hershey PA, November 3rd & 4th this year.

I got the chance to attend KitLitCon three years ago in Baltimore and it was an awesome weekend of networking with other kidlit bloggers, hearing authors speak and learning about new ideas and concepts that I could incorporate into my blog. The conference is put together by the same group of awesome individuals who also host the CYBILS awards which are book awards given by book bloggers.

The conference was definitely useful and even more importantly a lot o fun, so if you’re interested in attending, check out the website


ALA Annual Conference (and what you can do when you’re stuck at home!)

24 Jun

This week Chicago hosts the ALA Annual Conference where librarians from across the country will come together for networking, continuing education and the chance to meet authors and illustrators while learning about upcoming new releases. And as much as I love traveling to the ALA Annual Conference sometimes it’s just not feasible. So what can you do if you’re #ALALeftBeind?

There are amazing continuing education opportunities that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate in.  Check out WebJunction – a website built specifically for library training including self-paced courses as well as webinars across a wide-range of topics that librarians face.

If you can’t make it to the Annual Conference, check out ALA Online Learning many of ALA’s divisions host online learning on a variety of topics that interest librarians in all fields.

You can also check out state associations and local chapters who often have day-long workshops or conference based around a specific topic. These are most often more affordable and easier to get to.

And don’t forget to check out universities who often have continuing education opportunities. I’ve taken a class from the School of Library & Information Studies through the University of Wisconsin-Madison which I really enjoyed and they have a number of online courses they offer each semester at a low cost.

So even if you can’t make it to the ALA Annual Conference, don’t despair – there are plenty of other places to go to continue your education. It’s also important to attend continuing education opportunities for the networking aspect. Although I’m an introvert, it’s always refreshing to be around other librarians where I can bounce ideas off them and talk about library issues without having explaining it – they just get it. And that’s what I like most about this career, I am continually learning something new and it’s amazing.

Pennsylvania Library Association’s Directors’ Institute

8 Jun

logo.pngI get to spend the next few days at an LSTA funded program for library directors learning about my leadership strengths and how to develop them to use at work. I am a strong believer in continuing education and that can be seen by my two graduate degrees, additional online courses and the leadership programs I’ve attended. What I like most about continuing education is that when it’s in the library world, I don’t have to explain myself – all of these colleagues have either experienced what I’m going through or know someone who has and it’s a refreshing place to be.

Before this particular institute, we were required to read Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams and Why People Follow Them by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. At the end of the book, you take an online test to discover your five strengths. Mine (which are no surprise to myself) are Discipline, Consistency, Harmony, Learner and Input. The book and report from the online test then teaches you about how to use your strengths in the best way. I’m excited to learn more about this information over the next few days and networking with other directors.

Bout of Books Twitter Chat

10 May

boutI just started getting involved in the Bout of Books this year.  Basically it’s a week long event where you spend time reading (something I do every week as is).  But, what I really like is that I am connected with readers from around the world and if you want to set a goal for yourself, you can.  If you don’t want to – don’t worry about it.  I like the challenge of Bout of Books because it forces me to think about what I’m reading a little bit more and gives me a chance to interact with book lovers of all types!

Our first Twitter Chat was last night and if you’ve never experienced a Twitter chat, get ready for a lot of scrolling, reading, liking, commenting, responding and in general  – fun!  They can be a little overwhelming, but everyone is really nice and super welcoming.  Usually they’re set up in a question and answer format so the Twitter chat moderator will ask a question (Q1.) and you answer (A1.) so that everyone can follow along.

I don’t have a lot of spare time, but the time I do have is often spent reading books, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts and pretty much revolves around my love of books and the library and Bout of Books is another way for me to get involved in the book world!  And let’s be real, these are very much my people!

Sunday Storytime Challenge #4

12 Oct

I got a chance to spend last week at two separate conferences which means I spent a lot of time sharing ideas with fellow youth services librarians.  I spent Sunday – Wednesday at our state conference – PaLA.  I got the chance to present an elementary school age program that occurs once a month and I spent a lot of time with peers from librarians around the state.  It’s been a few years going to conferences and this year was the first time I felt like I really knew a number of librarians and I was comfortable enough to talk to people for four days.  I’m an introvert, so small talk and networking is difficult for me, but this year was a lot easier than it has been in the past.  I believe it’s partially because I’m part of a committee for the state library where I’ve been meeting with librarians from around the state twice a year for the past few years, which gives me an automatic connection at the conference.

I then traveled home Wednesday afternoon, worked Wednesday evening and Thursday and got up very early on Friday to travel to Baltimore for KidLitCon.  This was a different group of people – some librarians, but others are booksellers, authors, and more.  The conference itself is a 2-day conference for children and young adult book bloggers.  I got to meet a lot of people that I’ve interacted with online, but have never met in the real world.  It was a long couple of days, but I learned a lot about a variety of issues relating to book blogging and got the chance to meet some awesome people.

And as for sharing ideas, I love this idea because I’m the type of person to share my own ideas, but to also find out about programs from other libraries that I can adapt for my own, which is one the greatest things about being a librarian – we are all willing to share what we know!

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