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Director’s Thoughts #11 – Marketing

12 Jul


Our township has a quarterly publication that promotes the township departments and we usually have a little space in it. For the summer, I made sure to include the information about the summer reading program as well as where we are in our strategic planning process. I strongly believe in communication with my staff and with the public.

Then our public information officer stopped me in the hall and said that she had a little more space in the publication and asked if I wanted it.  I didn’t even stop to think and said yes, which of course meant they needed something by the end of the day. I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to share, but I knew the space was valuable.

So after a quick brainstorming session, I realized that we are continually asking how we can show people that we offer so much more than books. In fact, our unofficial tagline is “So much more than books!” With that in my mind, I created an article entitled, “We bet you didn’t know the library offers…” with a list of things that we offer that are more than the physical books on our shelves. I was super proud of the idea and our information officer was shocked by everything we can do for our community – I’d say a win-win situation!

Library Card Drive

1 Mar

library-card-driveI spent a few hours last night at our new community center talking with residents about the library and signing up residents with library cards. Many of the people I saw come through the doors were people I see in the library on a regular basis. I gave them updated an event calendar and let them know about some new programs we’re offering. Others had questions about how to update their library card and although I couldn’t update their cards on site, I let them know what they needed to bring to the library and how easy it was to update their cards. I talked to a few people about OverDrive for eBooks and audio books and also showed a lot of people Playaways and how easy they are to use.

We donated a few Playaways to the Community Center that focus on guided meditation after a suggestion of a regular library user and new community user. I’m excited to roll out this really cool partnership and hope that many people take advantage of trying out meditation.

In the end, I was able to sign up four people for library cards (which isn’t too many), but I think it is so important to remind people that we still exist and to show them everything that we have to offer them for free! I’ll be stopping by the community center again on Saturday morning to hopefully hit up another group of people!

Cruise Into Kindergarten Bulletin Board

24 Mar

Pennsylvania Public Libraries have created the Cruise Into Kindergarten model to promote early literacy programs and book lists in public libraries.  Many states libraries and associations are adopting similar models to promote just how much public libraries offer their residents in terms of early literacy – in storytimes, STEAM programs, dances, art workshops, Family Place libraries, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, booklists for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and so much more.

So to promote this amazing initiative, I re-created our online Cruise game on our front bulletin board, complete with spaces and promoting all the great programs and books our library offers families with children from birth – Kindergarten.

We have Family Reading Month during the month of April, so there are a lot of extra activities happening for families, which means more people checking out this awesome bulletin board and the awesome website for more information and activities to do with their kids!


Everyday Advocacy – Week of Tuesday, March 8

8 Mar

Take Action Tuesday

Introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague.

Everyday Advocacy isn’t just a one-person show!

This week, introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague who’s unfamiliar with the initiative.


Rather than introduce Everyday Advocacy to just one person, I’d love to introduce it to all my readers!  Everyday Advocacy is a grassroots effort to advocate for the amazing things libraries are already doing.  And the website has some really, really simple ways to begin advocating for your library, your job and the profession at large!

If you’re looking for new ways to encourage advocacy in your library, you definitely want to check out the Everyday Advocacy website. The website is FILLED with get inspired, speak out and engage in your community.

There is also a Take Action Tuesday blog filled with information about advocacy and what other libraries are doing to promote themselves and their services.  It’s also really nice because they post just once a week, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the posts!

And if you really want to get involved try out the Everyday Advocacy Challenges to really jump start your advocacy!

Now get out there and advocate for libraries!


What I Do for My Library!

20 Jan

On any given day, you could see me dressed like a princess, dragging bags of books out to my car for outreach programs, covered in glitter, or filming a segment for our government access channel, that’s right FILMING!

I kept joking – you can put in  a room of 25 toddlers and I can rock that situation all day long, but you put a camera in front of me and I forget how to talk (or at least that’s how I feel).

We were asked to be a part of this segment to educate the public on what we do in the library and after a lot of back and forth talk about how best to structure the segment, we were given (as the Children’s Department) three-8 minute segments and we were allowed to come up with the questions and topics for each segment.  Thankfully, the filming was this afternoon and I can now say that I’m done with that project.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I knew it was important to reach people and educate them about what the library does and how we’ve changed over the past few years.

I definitely won’t be watching the program when it airs, which to me, is even worse than doing the filming in the first place!  But, I’m hoping we’ll be able to reach people and show them how much we offer in terms of programming and resources.  If you have a government access channel, radio station, or even a newspaper interview would do the trick of highlighting what the library has to offer.  So many people are unaware of eBooks, programming, online resources and everything else libraries have to offer and its a great way to promote how the library has evolved!  That being said, give me my princess dress any day!


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