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Libraries Are For Everyone

8 Feb


By far one of the coolest graphics around! For the past couple of summers, librarians have commented on wanting something a little different, more unique for the summer reading graphics and the mastermind behind the blog, Hafuboti decided to take matters into her own hands. Since then, you can expect her to be posting images for each summer’s theme with diverse, inclusive graphics that are just really neat.

So it’s not a surprise that in today’s political climate, she again decided to roll up her sleeves and get to work, creating what I think is some pretty cool artwork. Are you honestly going to be able to represent every single person on this planet? No way, but I think she’s done an amazing job. And what’s even cooler, after someone commented on her globes all featuring the western hemisphere, she went back to work making even the globes diverse by featuring different regions.

You’ve got to check out all her different designs, languages, colors and more at her blog: Hafuboti. And if you’re so inclined to use some of this artwork for your own library, she does take donations (because this isn’t even her real job, she’s also a librarian)! Thanks Hafuboti for caring so much to provide the library world with a way to promote our safe space for all people!


28 Jan

In all my excitement to celebrate the Year of the Rooster with a great booklist for Lunar New Year, I missed Multicultural Children’s Book Day yesterday!  A day to celebrate multicultural books and reading.  Take a few minutes to check out the Read Your World hashtag on Twitter with lots of librarians, parents, authors and illustrators chiming in and stop by the library today to pick up a few multicultural books for your family!  Looking for a booklist… look no further than:





“A Place for the Vulnerable”

19 Jan


I’ve had plenty of people ask me how I became a librarian (which you can read about here), but no one ever really asks why I became a librarian. I love books and this seemed like a great career to get into if you love books. But as an introvert, it amazes me every day about how much I care about the people I work with and for. Public libraries are spaces that are open to absolutely everyone in the community – not just the privileged and the elite. And in a world where kindness and compassion are not lost, but undermined by the amount of hate we hear about, I believe my job to create a community space is more important than ever.

I love clapping along with toddlers to our favorite storytime song, handing that “my-kid-hates-to-read” kid a book and their eyes light up, helping an adult find the next book in their must-read series, sitting down with a senior and accessing their email that they couldn’t get into for months. Is my job exhausting? Of course it is. Can it be difficult to balance the amount of programming we offer with our staffing hours, choosing what books we purchase and what books we don’t and creating partnerships with organizations that are beneficial to us both? It definitely is and there are days that I’m beaten down and wonder why I do it, but I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t have it any other way. My job matters to the people in my community for access to information, access to the Internet and a safe place for everyone.

*Thank you to Chris Riddell for illustrating this beautiful quote by Angela Clarke.


23 Dec

I stopped at the public library in my hometown yesterday to say hello to one of my mentors for about as long as I can remember.  I think I’ve shared this story before, but my mom took us to the library regularly and by the age of seven I asked when I was allowed to start working there.  My mom (probably at a loss for words) told me to ask the librarians.  The answer, “14 years old.” An eternity to a seven year old, but I waited patiently.  At age 14, I went to the library and started volunteering, the following year I was getting paid as a student page. My hometown library staff (at the time) was 4 full-time people and me – and I learned a lot! Circulation, paging, reference, cataloging – you name it.

And through it all was the children’s librarian who shared her passion for her work, she allowed me to help with children’s programming, I learned that cutting out craft supplies can be tedious (I remember vividly these tiny little leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day) and that the most important part of any job is to love what you do.

I can honestly say, that most days I enjoy going to work, I love serving my community, learning new things and working with an amazing group of people that make my job easy.  And it was great to come back to my first library.

What I Do for My Library!

20 Jan

On any given day, you could see me dressed like a princess, dragging bags of books out to my car for outreach programs, covered in glitter, or filming a segment for our government access channel, that’s right FILMING!

I kept joking – you can put in  a room of 25 toddlers and I can rock that situation all day long, but you put a camera in front of me and I forget how to talk (or at least that’s how I feel).

We were asked to be a part of this segment to educate the public on what we do in the library and after a lot of back and forth talk about how best to structure the segment, we were given (as the Children’s Department) three-8 minute segments and we were allowed to come up with the questions and topics for each segment.  Thankfully, the filming was this afternoon and I can now say that I’m done with that project.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I knew it was important to reach people and educate them about what the library does and how we’ve changed over the past few years.

I definitely won’t be watching the program when it airs, which to me, is even worse than doing the filming in the first place!  But, I’m hoping we’ll be able to reach people and show them how much we offer in terms of programming and resources.  If you have a government access channel, radio station, or even a newspaper interview would do the trick of highlighting what the library has to offer.  So many people are unaware of eBooks, programming, online resources and everything else libraries have to offer and its a great way to promote how the library has evolved!  That being said, give me my princess dress any day!


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