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Director’s Thoughts #15 – When It Works

20 Dec

Have you ever had a plan that when it finally came to fruition – it actually worked? Like – it ended up going extremely smoothly for so many moving parts that you’re surprised by the whole thing?

Well, that’s what happened to me this past Monday! But, first a little background – my library is shaped like the letter “L”.You walk into the library and then you have to take a left to the children’s department. Well, there are were seven patron computers set up right at this intersection which was the cause of a lot of bumping into people, traffic jams and dirty looks when children’s programming let out of our programming space and into the main library. It was a through-fare and a busy/loud one at that.

For years, and I do mean years, I’ve been wanting to move these computers. Before I became the director, I had brought this issue up to the department heads a few times and was always told that it was a lot of work, there wasn’t any space and other excuses. But, when I became director almost a year and a half ago, I vowed that if these computers could move, I would move them. I felt the public would be less likely to make comments and hush other patrons as they walked by, making everyone just a little bit happier in the library.

It finally happened this Monday morning – the stars aligned and I was able to get the IT staff, building maintenance and myself to get the work done! I got into work at 7am and started moving a few small things and truly mapping out what needed to be done in what order. By 7:30, building maintenance and IT showed up and by 11am we were able to move bookshelves, seven computers, four computer desks, the magnifier, the typewriter, the fax/scanner, and get everything up and running again. And I do mean we, I make a point of getting on the floor and getting dirty as needed – using power tools, helping move furniture on to dollies and connecting computers.

We only have one small issue that needs to be addressed by the electrician (exchanging one type of outlet for another), otherwise the whole project went extremely smoothly and we’re already getting some positive feedback from patrons.

And if I’m being honest, I’ve been basking in the glow of this project and I’m so happy that it went as well as it did!


Picture Book Month: Lions

24 Nov

24It’s important to follow the rules, especially in the library. One day, when a lion comes to visit the library, the librarian, circulation assistant and patrons are all a little nervous, but soon the lion becomes a valuable member of the library team, helping dust the encyclopedias, lick envelopes and be used as a step ladder to reach the high shelves (his favorite part of being in the library was storytime). But, when the lion has to break the rules to help the librarian, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be allowed back in. What’s a library lion to do?
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Picture Book Month: Libraries

8 Nov

8 (1)A completely different look at the cards in your life. Everyone has a very important job, but when little card is trained as a birthday card by accident, he’s unsure of what his new job entails… especially because he needs to be quiet. What is little card’s job? I’m not going to ruin this delightful story for you, but I’m sure you can figure out the very important job that little card has. And who wouldn’t celebrate having a job like little card’s?
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Director’s Thoughts #14 – It’s Been Awhile: Storytime

12 Oct

b8a7c2491785eeb0c506cfc6f7c40d36--nurse-humor-medical-humorThis week I covered a co-worker’s storytime while she was away and after a year of being away from it; it was strange coming back. I did storytime for eight years as a children’s librarian and I think that I made a smart decision to move into another role when I did.

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Blogging From A to Z April Challenge Survivor

1 May


survivor-atoz [2017] v1During the month of April, I be participated in the 2017 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For this year’s theme, I chose to look at leadership qualities as I’ve just recently (within the past 6 months) become the director of my public library. We have about 50 staff members, most of whom are part-time employees serving a 30,000 resident community by providing high-quality programs and resources. Each day, I’ll looked at one trait and how it has helped me to become a better director. Here’s a list of the traits and the link to each post:

Theme Reveal – Leadership Traits

April 1 – Adjustment
April 3 – Budget
April 4 – Change
April 5 – Determination
April 6 – Education
April 7 – Forward-Thinking
April 8 – Growth
April 10 – Humble
April 11 – Inclusive
April 12 –  Join
April 13 – Knowledgeable
April 14 – Listen
April 15 – Mentor
April 17 – Natural
April 18 –Opportunities
April 19 – Passion
April 20 – Quiet
April 21 – Rest
April 22 – Stress
April 24 – Team
April 25 – Understand
April 26 – Vision
April 27 – Willing
April 28 – eXcited
April 29 – Young-At-Heart 
Apri 30 – Zealous

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