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Partnering with Girl Scouts

5 Dec

1200px-Girl_Scouts_of_the_USA.svgLast night I got to hang out with some awesome seven and eight year old Girl Scouts to work on a yoga badge. I offered storytime yoga for a number of years as a children’s librarian and the troop leaders asked if I could help them out.


I wanted to focus on empowerment and body image and strength (all things that coincide with yoga really nicely). So here’s what we did:

Sun Salutations


Read aloud: One by Kathryn Otoshi


Discussed the story and talked about what makes us feel strong and what we’re good at doing and being.

Strength Poses:

  • Mountain Pose
  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Warrior III
  • Mountain Pose
  • (repeat for balance)


Read aloud: Zero by Kathryn Otoshi


Discussed what we like most about ourselves and what makes us awesome

Relaxation Poses:

  • Bridge
  • Happy Baby
  • Pull Right/Left Knee to Chest
  • Deep Breathing with quiet music


Although the kids had a TON of energy, I hope they got a little something out of fun program – about what it takes to strong, kind and classy woman!


Story Time Theme – Fruit

5 Nov

Last week’s story time was fun and healthy!  We learned all about fruit!  From the jungle all the way to the supermarket and the kids really liked the stories.  The first two were a little long – they might be better for a preschool story time rather than the toddler age group, but they were so cute I just had to use them.  Another book I considered was called The Grand Old Tree written by Mary Newell DePalma.  It’s very reminiscent of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, but more focused on the tree and the seasons through which it lives.  I hope you get some great ideas and share some of yours!


  • Traditional: Put Your Hands Up In the Air (song) & Open Shut Them (fingerplay)
  • Parachute: Rockin’ the Chute (Shakin’ the Chute CD)
  • Yoga: Warm-up (Rock n Roll, Zip up Spine, Deep Breaths, Cat/Cow, Dog)

Book 1: The Parrot Tico Tango by, Anna Witte


  • Traditional: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Parachute: When the Parachute Goes Up Song (sung to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It)
  • Yoga: Sun Salutations (Poses: Mountain, Reach Up, Touch the Ground, Hands at Knees (flat back), Plank Pose, Cobra, Downward Facing Dog, Walk Toward Hands, Repeat)

Book 2: Oliver’s Fruit Salad by, Vivian French

Transition (changes weekly)

  • Traditional: Fruit Salad (The Wiggles)
  • Parachute: Fruit Salad (The Wiggles) – shake parachute to mix up the “fruit” (balls)
  • Yoga: Integration (Poses: Child’s, pat the ground to work the dirt, tap the ground for rain, and rub the ground for sunlight, “grow” into tree pose, move upper body as if wind is waving you around, repeat on other side)

Book 3: Ned’s New Home by, Kevin Tseng


  • Traditional: Shake Your Sillies Out Puppet Show
  • Parachute: Freeze (Shakin’ the Chute CD)
  • Yoga: Cool-down (Poses: Bridge, Happy Baby Pose, Star Pose/Deep Breaths)

Books & Cooks Program

24 Sep

I am continually surprised when people I know say that they are not very adept in the kitchen.  I love to bake and cook and I even think that I’m pretty good at it!  To me, cooking is usually pretty easy – there are few things in life that give you written measurements and step-by-step directions and come out a success.  Maybe I’m more comfortable cooking because my parents expected all of us to help with dinner growing up.  We helped to plan menus, cook, and clean-up afterward and because of that, I’m not afraid to get in the kitchen and try something new.  With that in mind, I created a program for middle school students at the library to teach them a few basics recipes for delicious snacks.

Our program is tonight and I currently have about 12 middle school students signed up.  My plan for the evening is to teach the kids about healthy eating choices, make three recipes together, and also provide a few booktalks to the group with a booklist of fiction titles with a food/baking/cooking theme.

I found some great resources online about the new My Plate initiative created by the U.S. Department of  Agriculture.  I also relied heavily on the book, Eat This, Not That! For Kids! written by David Zinczenko.  This book discussed the idea of “eating the rainbow.”  We’re going to break the kids into groups and give them a worksheet with each color listed on it.  Their job is to list as many fruits and vegetables that are the color on the paper.  This should provide some great discussion amongst the group.  I also plan on giving them a list of ten different eat this choices and they will have to pick which one seems healthier to them.  I tried to find foods and restaurants that the kids are most likely to visit in our area and I hope that they will be surprised as I am about the choices that these restaurants offer.

Then we’re going to make three different recipes.  I found a simple recipe for making your own pretzels – and all the kids are going to get a chance to create their own.  Then we’ll break the kids into two groups and they can either make popcorn over the stove or fruit/vegetable smoothies.  I want them all to try a green smoothie, but there is also fruit juice, yogurt, and a variety of fruits that they can experiment with.  For the popcorn we have a number of seasonings to create an Italian seasoning popcorn, a Cinnamon & Sugar, and a Spicy flavor.

It’s great because in the building we have a “lunchroom” with a stove/oven, microwave, and a toaster oven, but if you don’t have access to these things, try a program where you can create “no bake” foods or bring in a microwave from home.  There are a number of ways to adapt this program, which makes it fun!

Hopefully the kids have a fun time learning about nutrition and making healthy choices and they get to take home a book list, some other recipes to try, and a full stomach!  If you’re interested in any of the books on the book list, or the recipes we’re trying, add a comment to this post and I’ll provide more info!

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