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Picture Book Month: Fathers

14 Nov

14If you’re looking for a different story about fathers, then this is it! I loved this adorable story of love told by a father to his child about the significant events in his life that led him to get the tattoos he has. The child asks about in a familiar way and the reader understands that this is a popular bedtime routine for the family. This is truly a sweet book and depicts a character in children’s literature you don’t often see – a person with tattoos. So hurry and pick up this story for the tattooed dad you’re close with – it’d be the perfect gift for him and his family!
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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Great Middle Grade Dads (or at least they try really hard)

13 Jun

father's day

After my Mother’s Day post, I didn’t feel it was right to neglect the dads – so here’s a post just for them. On a related side note – I had a really difficult time finding high-quality dads in middle grade fiction. More often than not, 2-parent households don’t have strong parents or the family has a single mom household, albeit often a very strong single mom.

Every once in a while, you’ll find a single dad household, but more often as a widower or divorced parent, not from having mom walk out on the family. You’ll notice that some of my choices aren’t even dads – they’re grandfathers or other stand-in father figures – but ones that I couldn’t leave off my list. If you’ve got any really strong and sensitive dads in middle grade fiction, please let me know! Bonus points to you for a diverse novel as well! Continue reading

67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10

10 Sep

Over the weekend I found a great article about the books every geek should read to their kids.  The list was quite extensive and covered a wide range of books from preschool to chapter books.  I was also impressed by the wide range of books from older classics to some of my new favorites!  I went through the whole list and have read many of the books, but I was also able to add some to my ever-growing reading list.  They included everything from one of my personal favorites The Invention of Hugo Cabret to The Princess Bride to Winnie-the-Pooh.

I think one of my favorite parts of this blog is that it’s called Geekdad and is written by a number of contributors.  I love that this list is geared toward “geeks” and guys especially.  I have a soft spot in my heart for dads that read-aloud to their kids.  Reading aloud is an essential part of childhood and a great time to bond with children.  For a book about one father and daughter’s read aloud time, check out my review of The Reading Promise.

Check out the full blog post on Wired.

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