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#blogbookaday: Mighty, Mighty Construction Site

17 Mar

30364136.jpgSummary:  “At last—here from the team behind the beloved international bestseller comes a companion to Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. All of our favorite trucks are back on the construction site—this time with a focus on team-building, friendship, and working together to make a big task seem small! Down in the big construction site, the crew faces their biggest job yet, and will need the help of new construction friends to get it done. Working as a team, there’s nothing they can’t do! The millions of fans of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site are in for a mighty good time!” (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: It’s a brand new day and there’s a lot of work to be done on the construction site today, so all our favorite trucks from Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site are back and looking for some help to get the job done. This story is filled with teamwork as the trucks work together to finish the job. I was excited to  learn about a few new trucks and what their job is at the construction site and I’m sure kids will be excited too! My only concern is that I have no idea what they actually built at the end of the story – it’s referred to as a building, but it looks like a really cool sculpture to me! And honestly, to me, that’s not what makes this story fun – what makes this story fun is the rhythm and rhyming of the text as you learn about construction vehicles and teamwork.

Personal Reaction: My absolute favorite part of this story is that a few of the machines are specifically referred to as “she” which is awesome! I’m glad the author chose to include female trucks to create a more inclusive story. I know a lot of families who absolutely adore Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and I think that they would equally love this story with some new characters and lots of really cool information about what construction trucks do on the job!

Title: Mighty, Mighty Construction Site
Author: Sherri Duskey Rinker
Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: February 14, 2017

#blogbookaday (1)This is a new idea I’m trying on my blog this year that was inspired by @donalynbooks and @heisereads – to provide a brief review of a picture book every day of 2018. You’ll get a brief summary of the story, a review of the content, illustrations and theme, my personal reaction to the book and all the pertinent publication information! Enjoy!


#blogbookaday: The Digger and the Flower

7 Feb

35008822Summary:  “From the acclaimed author/artist of Beyond the Pond and Rulers of the Playground comes a breathtaking new book with a powerful message about the environment, perfect for fans of Peter Brown’s The Curious Garden and Kadir Nelson’s If You Plant a Seed.

Each day, the big trucks go to work. They scoop and hoist and push.

But when Digger discovers something growing in the rubble, he sets in motion a series of events that will change him, and the city, forever.” (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: Digger loves to dig and works very hard every day scooping and digging to build tall buildings, roads and bridges, until one day in the midst of all that dust and rubble he finds an unexpected surprise – a flower growing, resilient among the construction site. The flower changes digger forever as he does his best to protect it from all the building. I enjoyed the illustrations the most in this book with all the growth and building done in the city in bold black and gray tones, while the construction vehicles are bright colors. And I loved the texture of the illustrations with all the pointillism printed on the ground, the buildings and the construction vehicles.

Personal Reaction: Without giving too much away, there was one spread that shocked me, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do and I would be interested to see how young children would react to it – whether or not they see it as good or bad (and it would make a great discussion point). But, overall, I think this would be a great story for Earth Day about understanding the importance of growth and development while at the same time seeing the importance of green space. A perfect book to share in April with preschool to elementary school age children that can be paired well with the titles mentioned in the description above from Goodreads.

Title: The Digger and the Flower
Author: Joseph Kuefler
Illustrator: Joseph Kuefler
Publisher: Balzar + Bray
Publication Date: January 23, 2018

#blogbookaday (1)This is a new idea I’m trying on my blog this year that was inspired by @donalynbooks and @heisereads – to provide a brief review of a picture book every day of 2018. You’ll get a brief summary of the story, a review of the content, illustrations and theme, my personal reaction to the book and all the pertinent publication information! Enjoy!

Play With Stickers & Learn Cool Facts with Sticky Facts (What Will You Find?)

11 Jan

sticky factsIf you’re looking for something really interactive and interesting to give to your favorite 6-10 year old, look no further that Workman Publishing’s new series – Sticky Facts: What Will You Find? With three titles already available and more on the way, these are great nonfiction titles that really get kids involved in their reading!

Workman Publishing sent me the first three titles to review and I must say, I was having an awesome time learning really cool facts and could totally see some of the kids I know really gravitating towards these activity books.

The basic concept is pretty easy:


Read a question, then peel the sticker to reveal the answer.


Sticker and draw on the activity pages to make them your own!


Once all the stickers have been peeled, remove the backing to uncover even more fun facts!

What I really liked about these books was that it was both a way for kids to learn new facts about the world around, but it also reinforced the ideas they already had by allowing kids to draw and add stickers to pages that had basic prompts to interact with. Placing stickers onto the same sticker-shaped-space on a page is great for really little kids, but these titles allow kids to interact more with the variety of stickers, the facts that go allow with them and by allowing them to create their own narrative for each prompt.

I loved the activity book about animals – no matter how many animal facts I learn, I always like learning more! The construction book would be great for a rough and tumble kid who might not be the biggest fan of reading – with lots of great tools and trades and bright construction-orange pages you can’t go wrong. As for the book about New York City – the perfect way to introduce a city before visiting – with landmarks, museums, food and more, this would make a perfect sightseeing guide for kids!

These are awesome titles published by Workman Publishing and would make great gifts for kids from age 6-10, but I really think the 6-8 year old crowd would be absolutely perfect! If you’re looking to buy these titles check out Indiebound which will connect you with local independent bookstores in your area. Otherwise, you can find it at other major book retailers.


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