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Director’s Thoughts #14 – It’s Been Awhile: Storytime

12 Oct

b8a7c2491785eeb0c506cfc6f7c40d36--nurse-humor-medical-humorThis week I covered a co-worker’s storytime while she was away and after a year of being away from it; it was strange coming back. I did storytime for eight years as a children’s librarian and I think that I made a smart decision to move into another role when I did.

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Shelf Reading

22 Dec

10ecf51fbf2784bd79aa8eb114cd7c5303b26d55f1b0b0a665f803dc736714efSo this is what I’ve felt like for the past week – we’ve been trying to do some massive shelf reading in our department as the holidays usually show book borrowing down a little and there’s a lot more stuff to make sure has found its rightful home.

We break our shelf reading assignments down by staff member trying to give more to people working full-time and then very little to the teens who shelve books a couple times a week.  I had the great joy of shelf reading our fairy tales and folktales section which is fairly extensive with call numbers that have something like 4-6 numbers after the period, a little bit in picture books, and our Parent/Teacher collection.  It can get intense, but there’s something to be said for a beautiful collection of books in the right place.  I just have a few more hours before I get to head out of here for vacation and a little more shelf reading to go…so I’d better be going!  Have a great holiday week.

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