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Picture Book Month Review

1 Dec

I participated in Picture Book Month, posting a picture book title each day of November that coincided with the theme for the day. If you missed a day or two, take a look!

November 1 – Introduction
November 2 – Mothers
November 3 – Friends
November 4 – Monkeys
November 5 – Storms & Typhoons
November 6 – Humor
November 7 – Farmers
November 8 – Libraries
November 9 – Animals
November 10 – Dinosaurs
November 11 – Dogs
November 12 – Books
November 13 – Kindness
November 14 – Fathers
November 15 – Birds
November 16 – Shapes
November 17 – Family
November 18 – Cats
November 19 – Artists & Painters
November 20 – Courage
November 21 – Imagination
November 22 – Creativity
November 23 – Grandparents
November 24 – Lions
November 25 – Cities
November 26 – Turtles
November 27 – Reading & Writing
November 28 – Freedom
November 29 – School
November 30 – Christmas

PBMBADGE-AMBASSADOR-FBYou’ll be seeing a lot of picture books on my blog throughout the month of November as we celebrate Picture Book Month.  You’ll definitely want to check out the website as picture book authors and illustrators will be posting an essay each day about the importance of picture books!  Check back daily for some great picture books surrounding a specific theme.


San Francisco Chronicle’s 2017 Holiday Books Gift Guide

30 Nov

SFChronicle Logo

Check out the San Francisco Chronicle’s 2017 Holiday Books Gift Guide – with tons of suggestions for adults,teens and kids in a wide variety of genres and formats! (If you’re looking for the children’s selections, head to the bottom of list!)

The Best of…

29 Nov

It’s that time of year when the Best Of… lists start rolling out! I love to see what others think are the best in each genre for the year. Sometime I agree, sometime I don’t, but I almost always get some new titles from these lists. Check out Chicago Public Library’s CPL Best of the Best Books 2017 with a host of separate categories to make sure you find just the right title for you!




For teens in high school


Random Acts of Poetry Day

7 Oct

Today is Random Acts of Poetry Day! I think poetry often gets a bad rap as people remember poetry for being inaccessible and difficult to understand. People remember having to memorize poetry in school or trying to study poetry to understand what the poet what truly trying to say.

Many kids flock to Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky for their silly, nonsensical poetry, but somewhere along the line, kids start pushing poetry away and by the time people become adults, they’ve pushed poetry out of their realm of reading possibilities.

My favorite poem in the book occurs in August:

One my favorite poetry books in recent years is called When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Julie Morstad. It has fairly short poems about the seasons – with each poem’s title being a specific date. It works well for me because I live in an area of this country that has four distinct seasons. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the adorable illustrations that match each poem.

If you want to be sure

That you are nothing more than small
Stand at the edge of the ocean
Looking out

I absolutely love water in al forms – creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes and the ocean and this poem completely connected with me! Reminding me that I am a small part of a much larger world out there.

So, take sometime today to read a poem, borrow a book of poetry from the library, or find something online! Enjoy!

So Much More Than “Just” a Picture Book

28 Sep

IMG_20170927_210501.jpgDan Santat dedicated his most recent book, After the Fall to his wife. That’s adorable enough. But, check out his interview with Colby Sharp and get ready to melt at his obvious love and respect for his wife and the journey they have taken.

The way Dan talks about anxiety and postpartum depression – from his own family’s perspective, really shows what an emotional, mental and physical toll it can take not only on a single person, but on the other’s in their life. Her strength to seek help for herself and tackle her fear inspired Dan in so many ways and After the Fall is a love letter to his wife.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet there is a stigma in this country that asking for help is weak. But, if the help can allow you to live your fullest life, then why is that weak? If I have a sprained ankle, I’m going to go to the doctors who can help me heal, why isn’t it the same for your mental health?

Dan Santat – I’ve loved your children’s book, but this interview is a beautiful glimpse into your personal life and I want to thank you for sharing it with the world.

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