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Children’s Resource: Reading Beyond Booklist

16 Jun

ReadingBeyondLOGO-_FINALI’m so excited to promote this amazing booklist, just in time for summer reading and all those parents looking for books for their kids who read beyond their grade level.

The Reading Beyond booklist is a list of “75 titles chosen by the ALA-CBC (American Library Association & Children’s Book Council) Joint Committee to provide guidance to parents, caregivers, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and anyone interested in discovering books for children who read at an advanced level and are seeking more challenging, but still age-appropriate, books.” (CBC website)

The list is broken down into three areas:

  • Kindergarten & 1st graders reading at a 3rd grade level
  • 2nd & 3rd graders reading at a 5th grade level
  • 4th & 5th graders reading at a 7th grade level

This list was curated with special care looking for diverse titles in different genres in the hopes that there is something for each and every child looking for some new titles. And I know, because I was able to be on this amazing committee working on this list for the past year. It was not an easy list of books to come up with as there was a lot of back and forth – whether the content was appropriate for the reader, whether the reading level was too easy or too difficult and ensuring that diversity was well represented with the list.

Share this great curated and annotated reading list with friends, family and your libraries!


Building a Home Library

18 Jun

Building a Home LibraryCheck out the Children’s Book Council’s 2016 Building a Home Library booklist created by the  ALSC’s Quicklists Consulting Committee and the  ALA-Children’s Book Council (CBC) Joint Committee, of which I am a part of.  These booklists are created every other year and include not only classic stories, but newly published material as well.  This year, as in year’s past the ALA-CBC Joint Committee took a very close look at what was provided by the ALSC’s Quicklists Consulting Committee to find material that was not only diverse in the characters and settings, but diverse in genres as well to include poetry, nonfiction and graphic novels as well.

Check out the lists here:

Children’s Book Council Resources

16 Mar

“The Children’s Book Council (CBC) is the nonprofit trade association of children’s book publishers in North America, dedicated to supporting and informing the industry and fostering literacy.”  I am currently an ALA intern serving a two-year term with the CBC meeting in New York twice a year to talk about what they’re doing to support literacy.  The CBC has some great resources for families as well as librarians to encourage literacy.

Building a Home Library  – every two years a new list comes out with classics as well as newly published material perfect for different age groups.

The Children’s Choice Book Awards – the only national book award where winners are voted for by kids and teens

Diverse Kids’ and YA Lit – an extensive list of children’s literature that deals in some part with diversity

Mathical: Books for Kids from Tots to Teens – recognizes popular, math-related fiction and nonfiction for very young children through teenagers, with a view toward inspiring children of all ages to cultivate a love of mathematics in the world around them.

The CBC offers a lot of other resources as well including a new section with information pertaining to the Common Core.  The CBC also assists in sponsoring Children’s Book Week (celebrating it’s 96th year – May 4 – 10, 2015) administered by Every Child A Reader.

Definitely take the time to visit CBC online to find out more about what this nonprofit does to promote children’s literature!

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