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Play With Stickers & Learn Cool Facts with Sticky Facts (What Will You Find?)

11 Jan

sticky factsIf you’re looking for something really interactive and interesting to give to your favorite 6-10 year old, look no further that Workman Publishing’s new series – Sticky Facts: What Will You Find? With three titles already available and more on the way, these are great nonfiction titles that really get kids involved in their reading!

Workman Publishing sent me the first three titles to review and I must say, I was having an awesome time learning really cool facts and could totally see some of the kids I know really gravitating towards these activity books.

The basic concept is pretty easy:


Read a question, then peel the sticker to reveal the answer.


Sticker and draw on the activity pages to make them your own!


Once all the stickers have been peeled, remove the backing to uncover even more fun facts!

What I really liked about these books was that it was both a way for kids to learn new facts about the world around, but it also reinforced the ideas they already had by allowing kids to draw and add stickers to pages that had basic prompts to interact with. Placing stickers onto the same sticker-shaped-space on a page is great for really little kids, but these titles allow kids to interact more with the variety of stickers, the facts that go allow with them and by allowing them to create their own narrative for each prompt.

I loved the activity book about animals – no matter how many animal facts I learn, I always like learning more! The construction book would be great for a rough and tumble kid who might not be the biggest fan of reading – with lots of great tools and trades and bright construction-orange pages you can’t go wrong. As for the book about New York City – the perfect way to introduce a city before visiting – with landmarks, museums, food and more, this would make a perfect sightseeing guide for kids!

These are awesome titles published by Workman Publishing and would make great gifts for kids from age 6-10, but I really think the 6-8 year old crowd would be absolutely perfect! If you’re looking to buy these titles check out Indiebound which will connect you with local independent bookstores in your area. Otherwise, you can find it at other major book retailers.



Happy National Boss’s Day!

17 Oct

29868407Today is National Boss’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with Boss Babes A Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups created by Michelle Volanksy.  This fun activity book is filled with mazes, puzzles, coloring pages, word scrambles and so many more activities just for adults!  What makes it even more fun is that it’s full of girl power with everyone ranging from Malia Yousfzai to Eleanor Roosevelt to Amy Poehler.  I loved seeing the diverse background from which the women came from politics, to art, actors to activists and at the end of the book it provides a quick bio about each woman.

Check out “Who Is Your Inner Boss Babe” Quiz and a Spotify playlist of songs by amazing Boss Babes too!

So, if your a boss or you have an awesome boss babe in your life, this is a must have book of fun! Check out a few of the fun pages you’ll find in Boss Babes below.

Title: Boss Babes A Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups
Illustrator: Michelle Volansky
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Publication Date: 2016
Page Number: 96 pgs.


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