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The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

3 Jan

unnamedSynopsis: After being kicked out of Eton, Henry “Monty” Montague has one last chance to drink, gamble, and sleep around before his ever-disapproving father teaches him to run the family estate or so he thought. Armed with everything you could possible need for a trip to the continent (mainland Europe) with his best friend/maybe-more-than-friend Percy and sister Felicity, Monty makes one more bad decision that leaves his traveling companions without a stagecoach, luggage, or their guide, Mr. Lockwood. What happens next is one mishap after another as the trio have no money, no means of travel and learn more about what the world holds for them. This fast-paced, fun adventure/romance/historical fiction story is a read you won’t want to put down.

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Book Review: Brightwood

5 Jul


Daisy only knows the house and gardens of Brightwood Hall, her mother suffered from a horrible tragedy and only goes out when it’s completely necessary and never allows Daisy to leave. With a stockpile of food and her mother’s Day Boxes (a box for each day filled with things that her mother believes she can keep forever), Daisy awakens one morning and realizes her mother has returned from the store.  And she doesn’t return that evening or the next day, in fact the only person to appear is a distant cousin who breaks the lock on the garden’s gate and enters the property. Daisy must decide whether this man is someone who can help her or hurt her as she tries to figure out what happened to her mom.

The back cover describes this as the perfect book for fans of Coraline and Doll Bones, although I would also compare this with Serafina and the Black Cloak for the estate itself feels almost like a character in the story with a touch of magic where you don’t expect it. I really enjoyed this thrilled and would definitely pass it on to any kid looking for a scary book in those middle grades. Daisy has a great voice that sometimes skews on the older side (But having only ever interacted with her mother, what do you expect?), but is also at times vulnerable and afraid. The other characters in the house include a talking rat named Tar, a topiary horse, a painting of a young boy from the 1500s and the ghost of a girl about Daisy’s age. The cast of characters is unique, but also what makes the story really work.  This book is being published at the tail end of September – just int time for the perfect October/Halloween booktalk!

Twitter Booktalk (140 characters or less): When Daisy’s mother disappears, Daisy must outwit a distant cousin to save her home and find her mom. The only problem-She’s never left home

Title: Brightwood
Author: Tania Unsworth
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Publication Date: September 27, 2017
Page Number: 260 pgs.

Flannel Friday: Fall Song

16 Sep


When Jbrary has a new favorite action song, I didn’t stop and pause, I just adapted it to fit what I needed most – a fall action/movement song for my storytime!  My kids have been HUGE fans of “Fruit Salad“, “Bubble Bubble Pop” and “Bananas Unite” and I can’t wait to share this new song with them too!

(I’m hoping that even though it’s a jack-o’-lantern and not a pumpkin it will still be okay holiday wise.  I don’t do a “Halloween themed” storytime, but I feel like even if you don’t participate, kids see jack-‘o-lanterns at houses in the neighborhood, at the store and around town.)

“A Yellow Squash”
Based on “A Douglas Fir

A yellow squash, a yellow squash (hold hands together above your head to create the neck of a gourd)

An orange jack-o’-lantern (draw a large circle using both your arms in front of your body to create a pumpkin shape) and a yellow squash

A yellow squash, a yellow squash

An orange jack-o’-lantern and a yellow squash

Red oak leaf (flutter hands down to the ground as if leaves are falling), red oak leaf,

An orange jack-o’-lantern and a yellow squash

Red oak leaf, red oak leaf,

An orange jack-o’-lantern and a yellow squash

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