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Wonder Trailer – Get Ready to Ugly Cry

25 May

As a book lover and past children’s librarian, I adore LOVE children’s books and so I don’t say this lightly – Wonder by R.J. Palacio is one of my favorite books of all time. And so I was ecstatic to see the official trailer for the new movie was released.

Let me know what you think, I’m hoping they stick close to the book’s plot, but I will say that Auggie looks far more “typical” than I imagined in my head, but I wonder if they didn’t want to push the special effects and makeup too far and still try to make it look realistic. Either way, I think the film makes the point that Auggie looks different than his classmates.

I’m hoping to create a program in October for Bullying Prevention Month and I’m thinking about a family book discussion using Wonder because it is so accessible to a wide range of age groups.

The Big Nate Effect

18 May

BigNateBannerThis is something that has been going on for at least the past two years and it’s a phenomenon that my children’s librarian and I can’t figure out. We have at least two copies of every single Big Nate  book written by Lincoln Peirce. And there aren’t only a couple books in this series… there are over 20 books! And on any give day in our library you won’t be able to find a single copy of the series on the shelf. With summer coming, we’re talking about how many more copies we need to order.  Usually during the school year, the library isn’t quite as busy for elementary school age kids, but the summer brings them in droves and without any copies on the shelf now, we’re going to have a bunch of disappointed kids.

We can place holds and borrow copies from other libraries in our consortium, but it can take up to a week to get to our library and for kids that’s an eternity! So, we’re most likely going to by a few more copies to try and offer a booklist for Big Nate Read Alikes for when there is nothing on the shelf.

What books are never on your shelves? (Or do your kids read over and over again?)

Strategic Plan Involvement

12 May

You may or may not know that our library is currently in the midst of developing a strategic plan. As a new director, this was my first goal for our library, creating a roadmap for the future, that can be adjusted as times changes, but provides us with a guide for developing new programs, making changes and providing new resources.

From the beginning, I have kept my staff involved to whatever extent they so choose. They are not required to take part, but my goal was that by the end of this process, the staff couldn’t complain, “Well no one asked for my opinion.” There have been emails sent out with regular updates, small group meetings for input during our SWOT and PEST analysis and posters in our staff hallway looking for suggestions.

My goal is that the staff feels as though they’ve contributed not only to this strategic plan, but have a stake in creating the best library for our community. I want my staff to feel as though we have a direct and positive influence in creating a stronger, more vibrant community. Plus, with staff involvement in the early stages of the strategic plan, they’ll feel more invested when we start discussing goals and objectives for the upcoming years.

And if you’re thinking, well don’t just involve staff… don’t worry our advisory Board has been involved since the beginning and we offered a community survey at the beginning of the year as well. Our development plan is right on schedule and I’m so excited about how far we’ve come already and the next steps we’re going to be taking!

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

18 Apr
  1. Middle Grade
    Middle grade is definitely my wheel house, I love middle grade novels because they’re not afraid to address the “tough topics”, but I like the underlying layer of hope.  YA sometimes is too dark for me!
  2. Historical Fiction
    I grew up devouring historical fiction – I loved Caddy Woodlawn, Little House on the Prairie, all the American Girls books and pretty much anything else. I’m not even particular about what period in history, I love it all!
  3. Diverse Characters
    Find me a book that discusses a culture, religion, disability, race, etc. and I’m happy. I think diversity is so important and I’m enjoying so many of the books that are becoming available that are diverse, but not about diversity.
  4. Magical Realism
    I love books with just a little bit of magic, in a very real world atmosphere. I always say that when a book starts with a map and ends with a glossary of words (usually in a made up language), I’m done!
  5. Realistic Fiction
    I really enjoy realistic fiction middle grade novels – I’m not sure exactly what it is about this specific genre, but I love them. I think I like that kids can see themselves in these novels and relate to these characters or be able to understand their friends and classmates. These books are powerful in creating a safe space for kids to learn.
  6. Fairytale Re-telling
    Tell me a story is a fairytale re-telling and I’ll pick it up right away. I love fractured fairy tales, retellings and everything in between. I think it’s because I already have a familiarity with the story so I get to enjoy the story that much more. It’s like visiting an old friend and not even needing to say anything, but just start up where you last left off.
  7. Coming-of-Age
    I enjoy coming-of-age novels because you can see so much growth in the protagonist. I lean more toward the younger side of coming-of-age and definitely more recently published books over the classics, but it’s a story arc that I enjoy and am always looking out for.
  8. Novels in Verse
    I didn’t read novels in verse as a child, but I really enjoy them as an adult (still in the middle grade age range), because they use language in such a strong way. You have to try really hard to create a novel in verse that is both powerful and accessible and those are my favorite.
  9. Mysteries
    I love mysteries – I grew up reading The Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, the usuals. I think the anticipation of trying to solve the crime and the adventure that is involved it what makes this genre work for me.
  10. Art
    I seriously considered an art history minor in college – I love art of all types, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, whatever you can find. If a book incorporates art (usually in a mystery), it will automatically get added to my TBR list.

    Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Book

Top Ten Tuesday: Harry Potter Fandom – Quote Style

4 Apr


I had a difficult time with this topic! I’m not super into any one thing, unless it’s books, but I decided to go with Harry Potter because I do love the series, I just don’t do the whole writing fan-fiction, purchasing merchandise, etc. part of fandom. So instead I chose ten quotes from the books that I loved.  Enjoy!hp quote 1 (1).pnghp quote 2hp quote 3hp quote 4hp quote 5hp quote 7hp quote 6 (1)hp quote 8hp quote 9hp quote 10

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Book

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