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Book Review: Brobot Bedtime

28 Apr

31305485.jpgBrobot Bedtime by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and illustrated by Scott Campbell is the adorable story of three robot brothers who are having trouble falling asleep, well one brobot is having trouble sleeping causing the other two brothers to try and help fall asleep before Mommybot comes back into their bedroom.

Poor Beep gets the flick-ups (hiccups), is scared of the possibility of monsters, the light is too bright, the blanket fort is too hot, the fan is too loud… well, you get the picture.  But, when Buzz, Crash and Beep work together they finally help Beep fall asleep. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but it continues to be adorable until the final page!

The only way to read this story is in your best robot voice, kudos to you if you have three unique robot voices for each of the brother robots. The illustrations are also adorable, allowing you to easily follow who’s speaking as their word bubbles are the same colors as their bodies. It’s also helpful because each robot look unique making it easy to differentiate between the three.

What brothers wouldn’t love a story about robots, a blanket fort and bedtime?!? Share this with your favorite brobots (at bedtime)!

Twitter Booktalk (140 characters or less): Beep can’t fall asleep, can the brobots help Beep enter “sleep mode” before he breaks down and Mommybot comes in to give them all a reboot?

Title: Brobot Bedtime
Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Illustrator: Scott Campbell
Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: May 2, 2017
Page Number: 32 pages

Book Review: The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts

27 Apr

30754002I was finally able to sit down and finish The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Avi. Yes, that Avi, the Newbery Award Winner. This story is a combination of adventure and historical fiction and would be the perfect book to give to a reluctant historical fiction reader. The adventure keeps the story moving quickly and London in 1724 is such an interesting backdrop.

I don’t usually like quoting other reviews, but I loved how Goodreads described this story, “High adventure from a master storyteller about one boy’s attempt to fend for himself among cruel orphan masters, corrupt magistrates, and conniving thieves.”

Oliver Cromwell Pitts awakens to a flooded home and his father missing, all he has is a damp note that makes him believe his father went to London because his sister might be in trouble. But, without any money or any real answers, Oliver must deal with being sent to a poorhouse, kidnapped and forced to become a thief and later put on trial for his crimes. Will Oliver be able to find his father and sister in the whole of London? Will he be able to escape his kidnappers? And finally, will he be able to survive his own trial?

Twitter Booktalk (140 characters or less): Oliver’s adventure to London to find the answers to his dad’s disappearance, but an orphan master, a thief and a magistrate get in the way.

Title: The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts
Author: Avi
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Page Number: 313 pgs.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 4/24/17

24 Apr

I haven’t had any time to read, working 60 hours this week (all weekend included) plus social and familial obligations have kept me from reading pretty much anything. I’m still working through The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Avi and it’s not because it’s a bad story, it’s just I’ve had zero time to do anything but work. I’m hoping this week calms down and I can sit down and spend some time reading!


Join Jen from Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki from Unleashing Readers and share all of the reading you have done over the week from picture books to young adult novels. Follow the links to read about all of the amazing books the #IMWAYR

Book Review: T. Veg: The Story of a Carrot-Crunching Dinosaur

14 Apr

71Cy65dyoBL._AC_UL320_SR284,320_Abrams Books for Young Readers sent me T. Veg: The Story of a Carrot-Crunching Dinosaur written by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and illustrated by Katherina Manolessou to review.

“Reginald the T. Rex had a fierce and mighty roar!” He also happened to be a vegetarian T. Rex, choosing broccoli, beans, grapes, and greens. This is an interesting take on being a vegetarian – being different from his family and friends. There are few picture books about being vegetarian and I like how accessible this story is for young children – kids love dinos!

The story itself has a great rhyme and rhythm to it. I love rhyming books – they are so fun to read out loud. There was just one stanza that tripped me up, and it happens regularly in picture books. The word again being used to rhyme with games – and it may all depend on how you pronounce again, but it’s something that tripped me up the first time I read through the story.

The illustrations are bright and bold with pinks, oranges, greens and reds. The illustrator is also a printmaker which can be seen in the illustrators with print-like layers of colors which makes for very busy and exciting illustrations that would make for great conversation with children about food choice, healthy eating and what it means to be a friend.

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Unique Books I’ve Read

11 Apr

unique readers.png

  1. Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke
  2. Nuts To You by Lynne Rae Perkins
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny – Detective Extraordinaire! by Polly Horvath, illustrated by Sophie Blackall
  4. Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Skottie Young
  5. Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger, illustrated by Jen Wang
  6. The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz
  7. Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
  8. The Underdogs by Sara Hammel
  9. The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
  10. The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas by David Almond, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

    Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Book

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