Review Policy

Review Policy

I am currently OPEN to review requests. My blog is done in my free-time after working a full-time job, spending time with my family and friends and is a part of doing the things that I love. That being said, I love reading new books (when I have time) and would be honored to review your title!

Before sending me a review request, please take a few minutes to read through my review policy and ensure that what you want to send me is something that I’ll read. I can’t guarantee that anything sent to me will be read immediately or posted on my blog immediately. I’m a librarian and book lover, so my TBR list is ever-growing.

If you’ve looked at my blog at all, you’ll notice that I tend toward only reviewing books that I feel positively about, which means I reserve the right NOT to review a book should I not feel comfortable doing so. A positive review, doesn’t mean there won’t be some criticism, I’m just not the type of person to write nasty reviews, rather I choose to just not review it.

If the book is an ARC, I will try and publish the review on or around the release date. I MAY do a Save the Date for it, in addition, if I really enjoyed it.

I’m not great about posting my reviews to Goodreads, but I’m getting better about linking them to NetGalley, if that’s how I received the title. If you’d like my review linked (or copied) to Goodreads, please let me know that in the review request.

Genres I Read:

  • picture books
  • easy readers
  • middle grade
  • young adult
  • non-fiction (picky)
  • biographies (picky)

I’ll pretty much try any middle grade – but I’m a huge fan of realistic fiction, mysteries and historical fiction. I will delve into fantasy and science fiction, but high fantasy is not my favorite. I’ll read some non-fiction and biographies, but I’m usually looking for those titles that read like a story, more so than informational text with lots of dates and important facts.

Formats I’ll Read:

  • physical copy (hardcover or ARC)
  • digital copy (I have an iPad and a Nook Simple Touch)
  • audiobooks (very rare in that I have a quick commute to work and little time to listen to audiobooks)

What I Won’t Review:

At this time, I’m not able to review self-published titles and titles from extremely small presses. I’m doing this blog in my spare time and just don’t have the time to read everything. Writing is extremely difficult and I have the utmost respect for people who are able to do so, I sadly just need more hours in my day!

Information I Need:

  • summary
  • release date
  • relevant information (why I might want to review you title)
  • time frame you expect to see a review (this is not set in stone, but it will help me keep track of what I can accomplish and when)

What Else I’m Open To:

  • author interviews (I haven’t done much of this on my blog, but I’d like to try it out)
  • cover reveals (preferably something that I’m familiar with – authors, series, etc.)
  • giveaways (I’ve done one or two giveaways and they can be a lot of work, but I’m willing to offer a giveaway every once in a while)
  • guest blogging (I’ve done some guest blogging on others blogs and would be interested in both guest blogging elsewhere and having someone blog here at Literacious if our interests match)

Where to Send Your Review Request:

Please email me at: laura (at) literacious (dot) com

My goal is to respond to every review request, but as I’ve stated previously, my blog is run only during my free time, so if you don’t hear from me, I apologize! I am honored that you would consider me to review your hard work. Thank you!

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