The Short Story

Library director in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania creating an accessible and inclusive environment where people feel safe to read, learn and grow through library programming and services.


The Longer (more interesting) Story

Hi!  I’m Laura and I was destined to be a librarian.  When I was about seven, I asked my mom if I could work at the library.  She told me to ask the librarians and the unfortunate answer was “You have to be 14 years old.”  But that didn’t deter me, two days after I turned 14, I stopped at the community library and filled out a volunteer form and haven’t looked back since.  I graduated with my MLIS in 2008 and began working as a children’s librarian in a suburb of Philadelphia serving about 30,000 people.

I spent eight years as a children’s librarian and recently made the difficult decision to give up the work I loved to try my hand at another type of library work – management. I’m currently the director of the library where I worked as a children’s librarian and although many of my days are spent putting out fires, working on paperwork and planning for the future, I’m truly enjoying myself in this new role and am really excited to see where we can take our library into the future.

I’ve been blogging here for a few years and I love the personal learning network I have created from meeting librarians, teachers, authors, illustrators and book lovers from around the globe.  You’ll see library program ideas, storytime plans, book reviews and my musings and ramblings about the library world and my role as a director.  You can also follow me on Twitter: @literacious on Instgram: @literacious and check out what I’m reading on Goodreads: goodreads.com/literacious

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