Book Review – If You’re Going to a March

1 Aug

38243969.jpgSynopsis: “‘If you’re going to a march, you’re going to want a sign’—and this inspiring handbook, which introduces children to the world of action and activism.

As more and more children attend the growing number of marches across the country, this cheerful guide serves as a great reference tool and conversation starter for youthful participants. Inspired by author Martha Freeman’s own experiences, this picture book addresses many of the questions kids might have: What should I wear? How will I get there? Where will I be able to go to the bathroom? Is it okay to dance? (Yes, it is!). All the while the text stays focused on the fact that the right to assemble is a Constitutional part of our life as Americans . . . whatever our political point of view.” (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: I loved that this showed four kids and their families getting ready for and marching without becoming overly political. Rather than focusing on specific reasons for marching, Martha Freeman focuses more closely on what to expect at a march, what you’ll need to wear, the speeches, music, using the bathroom, who to expect while marching (police and possibly people who don’t agree with you) in an accessible way for kids to understand. She briefly touches on democracy and why that allows people the option for marching. And at the end, there is a short afterword describing a few reasons why people have marched in the past, but what I liked about this book is that it won’t date itself too quickly specifically talking about marches happening currently, rather it allows itself to to hold up for a longer period by not focusing on the current political situation, rather leaving it up the families reading this story to talk about the reasons they chose to march.

Twitter Booktalk (280ish characters or less): If You’re Going To a March introduces young children to the idea of activism and social justice at a level that makes these ideas accessible with basic information about what to expect at a march.

Title: If You’re Going to a March
Author: Martha Freeman
Illustrator:Violet Kim
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Publication Date: August 7, 2018
Page Number: 32 pgs.


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