Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers

18 Jul


Travel for kids often means sitting in a plane, train, or car with an iPad on their laps—head down, headphones on, watching a movie or playing a mind-numbing game. In Doodle Journeys, an interactive guidebook, Dawn creates prompts that inspire children to pick up their head and look outside the window. They are challenged to imagine where they are going, what they might see. They are also dared to envision worlds that don’t exist.

The book will offer suggestions of marking tools (showing a TSA-approved artist kit), ways to adhere photos, and tips for how to document with doodles. Young explorers will use prompts on pages overflowing with colorful, vibrant backgrounds to encourage them to note and document what’s around them. Throughout the book are travel-inspired doodles and quotes.” (Taken from Abrams)

Review: Do you have a kid in your life who’s always doodling and drawing? This is the perfect book for them, filled with drawing prompts and doodling exercises to help kids develop their creativity and look at the world a little differently. This book is geared toward adventure and traveling, but you don’t have to go far – find a local park, go for a walk in the neighborhood or fly to an exotic location, whatever you want. Some of my favorite prompts are, “Draw a picture with your non-dominant hand. It feels weird at first but will loosen you up.” and “Look Around You. What colors do you see? Color them in here.” This book would make a great gift for a summer vacation, include a few of the mark-making tools from the Travel Toolkit chapter and it’s an all-in-one gift for the artist in your life. This would also make a cool program for kids at a library, in a classroom or as a get-together with friends – grab some prompts and share what you doodle with each other. And the best part about doodling – it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to come from you!

Title: Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers
Author: Dawn DeVries Sokol
Publisher: Amulet Books
Publication Date: April 17, 2018
Page Number: 160 pgs.


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