Summer Brain Quest

4 Jul

Summer Brain Quest.pngSynopsis: “It’s time to get ready for school! Now, the series that keeps K–6th graders sharp, active, and curious in between grades is expanding to meet popular demand: Introducing Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades Pre-K & K, covering the summer between Preschool and Kindergarten so 4- and 5-year-olds can get ready for school—and have fun doing it.

Part workbook, part game, part adventure, it’s the interactive book that combines educational activities with indoor and outdoor play—with entertaining and effective results. The pullout map guides kids on a learning quest; to cross the finish line, they fulfill the curriculum-based exercises and customize their path by pursuing the bonus challenges and outdoor activities that excite them most. How about extra counting or reading calendars? A hunt for three-dimensional shapes? Identifying landforms? Or finding words that rhyme? Along the way, they earn stickers for completing pages, tick off an adventure list, and get fresh air with outdoor learning challenges, like writing the alphabet with sidewalk chalk.

Teacher-approved, parent-trusted, and designed to appeal to kids’ natural love of learning and playful curiosity, Brain Questmakes it fun to be smart all summer long!” (Taken from Workman Publishing)

Review: A fun-filled workbook for kids entering Pre-K and Kindergarten, Summer Brain Quest takes kids on an adventure with a foldout map and corresponding stickers that match with activities throughout the book. Kids will practice basic concepts like the alphabet, numbers and counting, calendar, shapes and more. Plus, kids will learn science and math concepts, storytelling, patterns, and sequences. This is all done in an interactive way to encourage kids to have fun and learn at the same time.

I love that each activity comes with a sticker to place on the map, allowing kids to see the progress they’re making throughout the summer. Children can lose up to three months of reading and math skills over the summer, if they are not being practiced regularly! Parents who can make learning a part of summer fun encourages kids to enter school in the fall ready to go! There are Summer Brain Quest activity books for kids all the way up to sixth grade, so grab a book today and share it with your children for a fun and educational summer break.

Title: Summer Brain Quest
Author: Bridget Heos
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Publication Date: April 17, 2018
Page Number: 160 pgs.


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