Why Matt de la Peña Writes for Children

10 Jan

35356379.jpgWhy We Shouldn’t Shield Children From Darkness written by Newbery Award-Winning author Matt de la Peña was published on Time’s website just a few days ago, but what an impact it has made. I myself have read over it a handful of times and each time I do, I marvel at how well that man can write a story and how lucky I am to live during this golden age of picture books that is occurring right now – not just because the books being published right now are well-written and beautifully illustrated, but because their are authors and illustrators out there making sure that they show the diversity of lives children lead and continue to fight for the importance of all types of picture books in this world.

“Maybe instead of anxiously trying to protect our children from every little hurt and heartache, our job is to simply support them through such experiences. To talk to them. To hold them.”

I think there is nothing truer than supporting kids in this world by allowing them to feel, but knowing you are there to help them and hold them when they need it. Otherwise, how else will they learn to deal with difficult decisions, unkind words or actions, or sadness. It is a disservice to children to expect them to what to do with big feelings – how to manage them if necessary and to believe it’s okay to feel things. Picture books, as Matt points out can share a glimpse of your own life and show you that you are not alone in this world and they can help you to experience a life outside of your own, teaching empathy and understanding.

Picture books are powerful things and with kind-hearted, true people like Matt de la Peña behind them, I think the world is a much better place.


One Response to “Why Matt de la Peña Writes for Children”

  1. Lindsay Maeve January 10, 2018 at 9:42 am #

    Thanks for drawing our attention to this article- it looks inspiring and thoughtful. I’m glad I bumped into your blog!

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