“That’s Grandpa to you!” My family’s own story of Bob

28 Dec

30206048Bob, Not Bob! *To Be Read As Though You Have the Worst Cold Ever by Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick, illustrated by Matthew Cordell is the adorable story of little Louie who’s tuck in bed with a horrible cold, but every time he tries to call his Mom, it comes out sounding much more like Bob, the name of his slobbery dog, Bob.

I picked up this story for my nephew, who for the moment is only two years old, but I think he’ll appreciate it even more as he gets older. You see, my dad’s name is Bob and my nephew is usually pretty good about calling him Grandpa, but every once in a while when my mom calls for him in the house, yelling, “BOB!” My nephew repeats her, standing at the top of the steps yelling, “BOB!” (Which is actually the cutest thing ever) My nephew has always been a daddy’s boy and loves both of his grandparents and his uncle in a way that makes my sister and I laugh and wish just for a moment he’d be that excited to see us too!

I got to meet Audrey Vernick at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival this year and asked her to sign a copy of this book that I think both my nephew and dad will be excited to read in the years to come. As soon as he opened the book and heard all of us saying the title out loud, my nephew ran around the house yelling, “Not Bob!” for a few minutes. Although the kid rarely stops moving, he has always loved books and I hope that I can help fuel that love with books picked out just for him!


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