Don’t Huff and Puff! Check out Huffington Post’s Best Picture Books of 2017

13 Dec

Huffington Post recently posted their Best Picture Books of 2017 in a way you don’t normally expect from “Best of” lists. Rather than just picking one title or a handful of “Best of” titles. The contributor, Minh Le, is a children’s author and has created such a unique list of titles and a bunch that I haven’t gotten a chance to read yet under headings like:

  • Most Touching
  • Most Charming
  • Best Surprise
  • Best Family
  • Best Adventure
  • Best History
  • Funniest
  • Most Clever
  • Best on Creativity
  • Best Concept
  • Best (Auto)Biography
  • Most Beautiful
  • Best Nature/Environment
  • Best Read Aloud
  • Most Exuberant/Fun
  • Most Powerful
  • Best Friendship/Kindness
  • Best Design
  • BestBedtime


So if you’re looking for some great picture books to share with people of all ages – take a look at this awesome list!


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