Samantha Mabry’s Take on Book Banning

21 Oct

I came across this piece on Twitter last night and was very interested to read Samantha Mabry’s view on banning books. Samantha Mabry is the author of A Fierce and Subtle Poison and All  the Wind in the World. I’ve read both of these titles and loved them and I’m always interested to hear what authors have to say in interviews and written pieces.

Samantha’s point is that the feeling of finding a book that is made just for you, doesn’t happen with every book you read. She found her book  that she felt was written just for her at the age of 34 – she went 34 years before connecting to a book that was that powerful to her. And when schools and libraries ban reading material – it offers less of a chance for kids to find their story.

She also points out that curriculum that promotes and encourages diverse voices helps readers to find stories that mirror their lives and feel as though they’re written just for them. And as a librarian or teacher, it is our job to read these books and booktalk them to kids because a book that speaks to me, will most likely not speak to someone else the same way, but that’s what makes it so special when you find that just-right-book – it’s magical.

Check out her whole article on Bustle!


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