So Much More Than “Just” a Picture Book

28 Sep

IMG_20170927_210501.jpgDan Santat dedicated his most recent book, After the Fall to his wife. That’s adorable enough. But, check out his interview with Colby Sharp and get ready to melt at his obvious love and respect for his wife and the journey they have taken.

The way Dan talks about anxiety and postpartum depression – from his own family’s perspective, really shows what an emotional, mental and physical toll it can take not only on a single person, but on the other’s in their life. Her strength to seek help for herself and tackle her fear inspired Dan in so many ways and After the Fall is a love letter to his wife.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet there is a stigma in this country that asking for help is weak. But, if the help can allow you to live your fullest life, then why is that weak? If I have a sprained ankle, I’m going to go to the doctors who can help me heal, why isn’t it the same for your mental health?

Dan Santat – I’ve loved your children’s book, but this interview is a beautiful glimpse into your personal life and I want to thank you for sharing it with the world.


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