Book Review: The Ghosts of Greenglass House

27 Sep

12Synopsis: Milo is hoping for a quiet holiday vacation, especially after last year when a number of unwanted guests showed up at his parent’s inn, but that wish disappears into the cold when a number of intentional (yet unexpected) and unintentional guests appear just before Christmas. Will Milo be able to crack the case (with the help of his mysterious friend Meddy) before the culprit leaves with stole goods? Fans of the first book, The Greenglass House will enjoy settling in near the fire for the next installment of Milo’s adventures.

Review: This is the second book about Milo and his family’s bed and breakfast and I fell in love with the setting, characters and the plot the first time and I’m excited to say, I enjoyed this title just as much. I really enjoy Milo’s search to better understand who he is as the Chinese adopted son of a white couple and what that means in a town where people assume certain things because of his ethnicity. It’s definitely part of the story, but I think that the author weaves this aspect into the story in a very believable way and helps Milo to grow as a young man.

Meddy is back in this story and her tale is heart-wrenching as the only thing she wants is to see her father and talk with him again. Milo and Meddy’s friendship is something to be shared and this would make a great book discussion for kids around the holidays as Meddy always seems to show up during this time.

The other characters are created with deep backgrounds and histories that emerge as Milo digs into the mystery at foot and although I was able to guess at some aspects of the ending, I was still surprised and delighted with the result. This is the perfect story for a middle grade reader who loves a good mystery, curling up next to the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and possibly a ghost or two.

Twitter Booktalk (140 characters or less): Milo’s back and this Christmas he’ll need to keep his wits about him as he searches for a mysterious map with friends old and new.

Title: The Ghosts of Greenglass House
Author: Kate Milford
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Page Number: 464 pgs.


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