Don’t Mess with YA Book Twitter

26 Aug

This is one of those crazy stories you just can’t believe, but it’s true! This week The New York Times Bestseller list for young adult titles bumped The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas from the top spot for a debut novel, Handbook for Mortals… awesome right, because anything that can bump a book as good as The Hate U Give must be a read everyone needs to have in their hands. There was only one problem… no one had heard of the title before and no one could get their hands on a copy.

So how does a debut novel make it’s way onto the list? By selling a lot of copies. By the way, did you know that you can actually pay your way onto the list? It’s been done before and in less than 48 hours of sleuthing  it looks like a number of publishers, editors, authors, bloggers and others in the YA Book Twitter community were able to get this debut title pulled from the list after reports of mysterious over the phone orders of the title at Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores, Amazon is completely sold out and yet no one has a single copy of the title.

For more information on this crazy story, check out Bustle’s article. The YA Book Community is not a place you want to mess with… and they’ve definitely proven it. A huge congratulations to Angie Thomas’s title The Hate U Give for being a title that should truly be a bestseller and one that everyone should read.


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