Books as Gifts

29 Jul

pexels-photo-264771.jpegIt’s no surprise that for every gift giving event, I purchase books. Now, I don’t always buy everyone on my list a book, but there’s usually at least one book per holiday that is bought. For my nephew and a few other little ones in my life, I started before they were born to give them a signed copy of a book. So, usually I’ll send out a book for a birthday and Christmas (which is what most of my friends celebrate) or another holiday and then if we get a chance to see them, they get another book. My close friends with kids don’t live close by, so when we do get to hang out, it’s a special event!

I started this practice when my good friend had her first baby girl. It was a special gift that I could give, that I knew the family would appreciate. Since then (6 years ago!), I’m now giving signed books to seven kids including my nephew and so-to-be new niece/nephew. Often, I’ll get the books personalized for each child, but I also keep a stash of just signed books for emergency gift giving.

The books come from conference, book expos, author events and more and at first with one child it was super easy, now I’ve got way more kids than books, so it’s becoming more difficult to get so many titles, plus I’m really starting to forget what I’ve given each child. But, even with the difficulties, I love that I can provide these kids with books just for them in a collection they’ll be able to treasure forever. So while my family’s in town this weekend, I’ve got to find the perfect little book for my nephew… which one will it be?


2 Responses to “Books as Gifts”

  1. Anonymous July 31, 2017 at 10:19 am #

    Last year instead of purchasing Advent calendars for the grandchildren, I gave each one 24 books one for each day in December leading up to Christmas. Not all were brand new some were from consignment shops.
    The boys opened one a day and got to read it with mommy and daddy. The girls took pictures and I scraped a family album of the 4 grandchildren opening books everyday in December! It was one of the best ideas ever! Everyone is looking forward to opening books this year!

    • literacious July 31, 2017 at 10:38 am #

      What a special way to celebrate the holiday season and a wonderful memory too!

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