Power of Audiobooks

23 Jun

June is Audiobook month and Audible has some really powerful commercials promoting the (for a lack of a better phrase) the awesomeness of audiobooks. I love that a company (Amazon) is showing how great reading can be in all its formats. In one commercial they show a young woman listening to an audiobook (referencing The Girl on the Train) on a train, maybe commuting home from work. In another, an older gentleman sits in a diner alone listening to a science fiction audiobook while he eats dinner and as he peers into his coffee cup he can see a galaxy. And finally, a young woman running on the beach gets to a point in her audiobook where a storm comes in, the waves grow rough and the wind whips up.

I love how these commercials take a person and blur the lines between reality and fiction as their audiobooks bring the story to life. I don’t get a chance to listen to many audiobooks as I have a very short commute and often listen to podcasts when I travel further distances, but for people who listen to a lot of audiobooks – Audible is an awesome place to find anything and everything you’d want to listen to.

Don’t forget that if you’re quite ready to commit to paying for Audible, check your local library for audiobooks on CD, Playaways and audiobooks you can download from OverDrive and Hoopla!


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