Director’s Thoughts #8

1 Jun


Last week we introduced our Coffee Cart to the public – our library doesn’t have the space for an actual coffee shop, so this is what we came up with! This was an idea that’s been circling around my brain for quite a while and after discussing it with my Board and staff, I realized that it was actually a very doable project.

We had the Keurig donated by a Board member and a quick trip online to Amazon and in person to Costco got us our Keurig pods, sugar, sweetener, creamer, napkins and disposable (recyclable cups) with lids.

Charging $1.00/cup allows us to recoup the cost for materials and make a few cents on the cup. Although, this isn’t a HUGE money maker, we’re looking at providing our patrons with a more comfortable experience in the library.

We recently finished a community survey and many people expressed an interest in a coffee shop for the library, so I am beyond excited to provide this new service to our patrons. I want our community to know that when they talk, we listen and we’re working on ways to improve their experience.

No one has actually purchased coffee yet, but I like the possibility and can’t wait to see it get popular!



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