Memorial Day Weekend

27 May

52Memorial Day weekend is upon and while many people are thinking about picnics, visits to the shore, a three-day weekend, home projects and relaxing. We can’t forget the true reason for this holiday – a day to honor those who died serving our country in the Armed Forces. While there are many areas, I could focus on, I chose the Vietnam War, specifically the Vietnam War Memorial because I have vivid memories of visiting the memorial as a young child. We often visited Washington DC in the summer – my dad to present at a conference, which often left my mom taking four young kids around the city.

The Vietnam War Memorial is so beautiful in its simplicity and such a powerful place, where people are quietly respectful. It was designed by Maya Lin, a student at the time that her design was chosen for the memorial. And although many were critical of her lack of experience as well as her Asian heritage, the Vietnam War Memorial has become an important part of the landscape in Washington DC.

If you’re looking for ways to educate your kids about Memorial Day, the Vietnam War Memorial, or visiting DC soon – check out these great books to get you started! And if you want to know more about the Memorial, check out the National Park Service website.


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